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Full Version: competition clutch
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Hi , i need a new clutch on my Gt-four and im wondering if you know this brand competition clutch stage II.
Is it a good clutch ?
Do you have a feedback?
Have you something has to suggest me?
Great clutch. Phoenix tuning aka Doc tweak sells them. I have used a stage 5 and it held up fine.
QUOTE (bccentaur3 @ Nov 11, 2010 - 8:30 PM) *
Great clutch. Phoenix tuning aka Doc tweak sells them. I have used a stage 5 and it held up fine.

this one is it good?
How much power you plan on putting down and what driving habits do you have?? If you plan on launching a lot then that clutch wouldn't hold. That clutch you posted is essentially a stock replacement. If you plan on doing daily driving then yes if racing then no.
Wouldnt recommend them. Have had bad experiances with a stage 2 clutch kit i bought, along the lines of a shattered throwout bearing. Aside from that, it felt like poor advertisement on their part, with their "advertised tourqe rating".... led me to purchase a clutch that did not hold up to the amount of tourqe my engine was making...Dont blame them for that, but something to keep in mind.

A better clutch along the same price, would be the ACT or Findanza clutches, and they hold up just fine and is a nice kit that comes with just about everything you would need.
im currently using a competition clutch. (stage 4, sprung 6 puck disk)
pedal feel is heavy.
i wont be buying another, after feeling a clutchmasters stage 4, which had MUCH better pedal feel, even with an unsprung disk.
I didn't mind the hard pedal feel. I liked it, well I didn't do much traffic driving. My girl friend didn't have an issue with it at all.
thx ...i bought a stage II clutch kit from competition clutch and also my dealer propose to me a light flywheel from Fenco in aluminium for 250$..not bad i bought it too tongue.gif
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