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Full Version: 95 GT Auto tranny problem
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I just got home from a drive outside and was trying to figure out what could possibly cause my car to shift the way it did:

It is cold outside, car has 140k on it, I am not original owner and therefore know nothing about the transmission's maintenance history.

After driving 5 minutes or so, I floor the gas off of a red light, the car gets to about 5800, makes a very feint "pop" and then shifts, continues to 5800 again, shutters, acts like it is going to shift but does not shift. So now I am still presumably in 2nd gear, rpms are slowly lowering themselves, but I am still above 5k rpm. I was flooring the gas but the rpms were not going up, they were slowly going down. I am very unsure of what is going on with the shifting issues there.

When the above happened I let my foot off the gas for a second then pushed back on and it shifted itself, I stopped for another red light and when it hit green I drove normally and everything shifted and acted fine. I figure that if the 3rd gear has a problem it would show itself under both driving conditions not just at high rpm. I have only had the car for 1k miles and so I am working on replacing things bit by bit.

Any help is much appreciated.
sounds like the auto trany is gving out. solenoids? maybe. replace
I would jumper it and check for codes....but year, sounds kinda like shift solenoids. But the first thing I did when I got mine was do a total drain and change...even though I knew for a fact the Celica was cared for, I wanted to make sure.
What do you mean by jumper it? And if there is no check engine light could there still be codes? Also to update this thread I drove the car the next day and did the same thing, I waited about 10 minutes to do it instead of 5, and it shifted fine. I really hope the tranny is not going bad, I just bought the car and it would suck to have to sink more money into it than I already have, Also do you think I should go ahead and replace the tranny fluid and seals/filter, I have no idea how long it has been since that has been done since I have only had the car for 1k miles.
Nah, it'll flash on the OD signal, not the CEL light.
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