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Full Version: Pre'96 ECU remap
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Hello everyone!
I have a '95 GT with the 3sge engine, no OBD2 connector. I've asked a few local dealers that do chip tuning/ ecu remapping etc. and they said there is nothing they can do to my ECU.
Before starting this thread, I used the search function, but nothing came up.

I want to keep my actual engine naturally aspired, so the only things I want to do are:
-cold air intake (right now I'm running on a K&N panel filter)
-complete exhaust (w/ headers)
-ecu remap (if possible).

I'm not considering a stand-alone engine management system, since it would probably cost about half the price of a Beams swap clip.

The question is: has anyone re-written the original pre'96 ECU's maps? If positive, HOW?

Thanks for all the possible answers, even if they're not what I would like to read biggrin.gif
as far as i know, there are no removable chips on our ECU's, like honda for instance.
makes it very hard to reflash the ecus.
i havent heard of anyone reflashing a 3sge ecu, although the guys @ ATS racing do add a chip to th 2nd gen 3sgte ecus to make them tunable...maybe shoot aaron or one of the guys there an email.
The ECU is ROM based. The only way I could see remaping the 3sge ecu, is creating a new daughter board with tuning abilities and installing that in the ecu. Though no one makes these for our engine.

There is this Icon SuperChip. There are a few UK guys using it. But I don't think its the best, or what your looking for.

Another option is running a piggyback ecu. Which should be a cheaper option than going with a full standalone ecu.

I'm pretty sure a NZ ECU company has maps for a 3sge, but will double check.
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