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Full Version: CAI make higher idle
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So when starting a car in a cold environment, the rpms are higher while warming up, then they will go down to normal. But Ive noticed recently (first winter with my CAI) that the rpms will never drop to where they would normally be (a little below 1k) with the temp a little warmer outside
My intake its basically outside my car, right underneath the drivers side directional (large opening with the invaderkit). And now the temps have been falling to like 20 or below recently. I can actually feel the intake (cone splash guard) and its freezing cold even after the car is warmed up.
Im wondering if its possible that the air its sucking in is "too" cold, to where the intake temp sensor would read as if the car is still not warmed up all the way (if that makes sense). Idk if it works like that, but my rpms last year always settled down after the car is warmed up but now, its always at like 1.3k, instead of like .8k (idle). Or if there is something else I should look into.
Also could this slightly affect mileage?
mine idles a bit higher with it, plus with the header. and no it should not affect mileage.
after the car is warmed up, your idle should drop. i noticed that while cruising, and depending on the speed you're going, the CAI gets a bit more air pressure before than the stock intake setup did but would only increased idle about 100-200 RPM. in your case though i would think that you have other issues. maybe the cold caused an air leak or something so i would start by inspecting the hoses.

and btw yes the higher idle will affect your fuel economy.
Yeah I thought that that much of a difference in idle rpm may be cause by something else. I looked around and saw nothing obvious, I think im going to shorten my intake to where its supposed to be for a CAI or even do a short ram to see if the idle goes down.
I cant imagine that the cold could really do any good, only bad. Especially when the temps reach below zero as they will where i live.
Just lookin for opinions smile.gif thanks guys
Maybe try messing with the biss screw to lower the idle just a tad?
Yes mods will lower gas mileage.
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