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Full Version: OBX Lsd? Mfactory?
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I have been lurking around honda, dsm, and nissan forums about these. I already know i need to basically pull the whole diff apart and grind down some of the edges and smooth them all out to prevent any unwanted debris in the lsd. I also have read to replace the washers in the middle of the diff since those are prone to braking.

I was wondering if anyone on 6gc has used a obx lsd or know anyone and what is your input?

I've heard stay away from it and i've heard stuff like "i'm running 300+whp and it works great"

I'm on the fence on this one.
in the 7th gen world we stay away from the OBX LSD. good info here
thanks much, i saw on ebay a few used trd lsd for 600. But i'm not to sure about that either.
One of my honda buddies showed me that mfactory also makes a lsd just like the obx one but atleast its a actually a name brand lsd.

For $650 new i'm thinking about this one also, so many choices!
i have installed several TRD LSDs in 7th gen celicas. its a good LSD. a better one is the Quaife. a good source to get both of them is
so ur doing this to the 7afe trans?? let me know what u end up doing and maybe a how to thread....
no 7th gen not 7A-FE
I still have been hearing good things in the honda world with m-factory. The $1000 dollar lsd's are outta my price range still. Maybe some wider tires will help a little bit atleast.
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