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Full Version: Smoke!!!!! Valve seals or Pistons Rings???
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My 7afe just smoke a little when u first start it up from being cold, and doesn´t smoke under accell, but when you let the engine brake the car and then give it gas is when it will puff out grayish smoke that smells like oil!! And the longer i let it decell the bigger the cloud of smoke when i accell.....

Does this symptoms is valve stem seals?
or can be Pistons rings?

sounds more like valve guides than seals....possible rings. compression test?
Its your valve guides 100% sure. When valve guides go bad you will only see burning at start up and acc. and you wont see a compression fall. When rings are bad you will see oil burning constantly and lack of compression. With valve seals you wont see oil burning but you will see loss of compression.
Same is with me then, but it's not that bad yet.
Very minimal smoke, but you can smell it sometimes
is there oil spill on the engine? check and replace your PCV valve and the rubber grommet as it might have become worked for is located on the top right hand corner of the valve cover near the throttle body...a tube should be connected from the throttle body to the corner of the engine valve. mine is a 2.2L gt, 5sfe....if your is a 7afe....similar location...check it out.
If your getting smoke under deceleration its the piston rings.

If your getting smoke under acceleration its the valve seals.

The reason: When your accelerating the vacuum in the intake manifold will be under a stronger vacuum drawing in oil through the valve seals. On the other hand, when your decelerating your car is engine braking and a vacuum in created in the pistons sucking oil up past the rings.

How do you test this out? You actually have to have a friend follow you while you drive. Down shift and let the engine brake, if he sees smoke then you know its the piston rings.

Another way is to do a compression test and pour oil into the piston and see if the compression increases with oil added.
compression test - will tell you rings

leak down test - will tell you seals/guides

better than shot in the dark claims online...
^ Ya the best way is always the correct way.

To: Hayno
The whole acc. an deacc. is not a full proof way.
Also adding the oil to the compression test is to check for leaking around the rings. When doing a comp. test you check for low or loosing compression our cars being around 140psi, a wet comp. test is when you check the comp. with a little oil in the piston(10cc max), if the comp. increases then its the ring(can still be seals/guides).
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