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Full Version: Need help/advice on freeze out plugs on 96 celica gt asap!!
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So i found out last week my coolant was strait ****ed and wanted to flush everything and get some new coolant in. Long story short i left it running and forgot about it for a good 30-45 mins and when i came out it was smoking overheating so i shut it off, but didnt let it seize i slowly let it back down to opperating temp via starting it letting it run for 30 sec then shutting it off... got a ride and went home. Today i went back there with a buddy filled up the radiator with like 3 liters of water cuz it was pretty dry of coolant cuz the former coolant was chunky and rusty colored. Drove it for 5 mins and started getting pretty hot so pulled over turned it off let it cool down then drove 2 more mins to where i was working no more overheating issues. Jacked it up in the front noticed it leaking so after a while off trying to look for it i found it and it was the freeze plug 2nd one in from pass side.

So now i would just like advice/suggestion im going to replace all them, from people who have done it are there any techniques or tips for doing these. Thinking we need to do it from the top and remove the intake manifold. Were going to attempt it and hope that ecen after changing it the headgasket or waterpump isnt ****ed you know.

Let me know i appreciate it


but a large impact socket works better than the handle of a screw driver, like an axle socket the diameter of the plug nearly.
Thanks appreciate the link, im debating whether or not to pull my motor to do these...looks alot easier with the motor out lol. How long would you guys say it takes to pull the motor?
if you haven't pulled an engine before, like me, then it will take you a better part of half a day.
Took my dad and I just over 4 hours to pull it.
Take in mind that it was out of my parts car so the front end was already stripped off.
I'd say plan on about 6 to 7 hours (with someone to help) and possibly 8 to 9 hours by yourself.
thanks for the replies guys. Any insight i know freeze plugs are not to common for the celica but there right on the back of the block and very hard to get to. Any insight as to trying to replace the plugs while the engine is in or to just pull the motor and replace them.

i have the intake manifold all unbolted what a pain in the ****ing i cant get it out of there, god this sucks ass...any advice
i know this is way off topic in a way but, so many peple think freeze plugs are there to protect your coolant from freezing and cracking the block. ( if you have a probleme with your coolant freezing.....yea nuf said lol) the truth is, freeze plugs are actually the cast left over from when the block was formed. the holes were the spots where the cast was heald in place. there not there to protect you engine from cracking if your coolant freezes.....well thats what my uti book says and all the teachers.
you're best bet is to pull the engine man kindasad.gif
im going to do it without pulling the engine once i get the manifold off ill be good, im just having trouble getting it around all the b.s. im already like all the way there. Ive never had such a hard ****ing time with a manifold god damnit frustrating
got the intake manifold off one plug out looks pretty corroded
id pull the damn motor if its coroded. yank it out takeyour freeze plugs out and take your block to a shop and get it acid dipped like mee to clean that crap out. and then put new plugs in using antisieze or some good sealant to keep it from leaking again
I would do that i just dont have the time its my only car right now, it will be flushed thuroughly tho

Freeze plugs are in everything is back together but now im leaking gas which im guessing out of rail or injector...worked on the car for like 7 hours today so ill give it another go tom
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