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Full Version: car doesnt start fast.. help pls!!!
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my car doesnt start right away as used to be.. this start happening when my car was really low on gas, the car didnt want to start and i think the engine sucked alll the junk that was left in the tank...

it takes about 30 seconds to start and i have to keep trying because the rpms are so low that the car doesnt start.. and finally when it starts the rpms stay in about 500rpm and i have to press the accelerator to rise the rpms...and i smell a lil bit of gas (only when i start the car) and when the engine is warm the car start fast... but when the engine gets cold.. I have the same problem again and it takes a lot to start... what could be??? injectors? idle valve? distributor? gas pump?

by the way my RPM's meter is weird too when the car is on.. sometime my rpms gets low to 500rpm and sometime lower and lower and the car shut off..

I need help... dont know whats wrong...

by the way

i rebuilt by engine 2 monts ago and i own a 7afe manual
try changing the engine coolant temp sensor.
QUOTE (Bitter @ Nov 30, 2010 - 7:25 PM) *
try changing the engine coolant temp sensor.

yeah i forgot to say that too.... my coolant was leaking and i dint realized and the coolant got empty.... and the engine start heating a lil bit... kindasad.gif that can affect the temp sensor?
probably not related to this issue, replace the coolant temp sensor.
could be the idle control on your car. it happened to mine and i cost me a too many pennies to replace it.
quick test, when its cold and hard to start if you hold the throttle open just a little bit (gas pedal) does it start easier and if you hold the idle yourself around 1500-2000 for a minute or two does it then idle and run fine?
If you think it sucks all the gunk out your tank, why dont you try SeaFoaming it? Poor a half bottle in your gas tank, and then use about 1/4-1/2 a bottle into your vacume line. And then use some to clean your intake mani out. I did that to my car and it ran like a champ afterwards.
deff coolant temp sensor. mine did this too and down the road if you dont change it. it wil burn crap up like mine did. lol but ya hook your car up with one of those
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