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Full Version: Rebuild kit
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I found this engine rebuild kit for my car. I was wondering if it was any good ( since its so cheap)
heres the link
I've heard both sides of the reviews on the ebay ones. You can also go to your local toyota dealership and order one from them
call art get a good oem kit and u wont regret it
QUOTE (Johnnyny @ Dec 12, 2010 - 11:36 PM) *
call art get a good oem kit and u wont regret it

whos art?
his forum name is lagos he works at a dealership and gives great discounts to us 6gc guys
DO NOT GET EBAY REBUILD KITS!!! Yes im yelling at you. I just rebuilt a 2ZZ that had one of these kits. none of the gaskets were any good. the timing cover wasnt thick enough so oil seeped past it. the head gasket wasnt MLS it was some POS single layer gasket. Please just spend the $$$ and get the OEM overhaul kit
I used it on my rebuild...some gaskets were missing and some looked like bad quality so I just bought those from the dealership or autozone

The oil pan gasket was of wrong size...

And I ruined my engine in less than 5000 miles(but that's probably something unrelated and caused by something dumb I did)
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