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Full Version: Celica broke down today
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So I'm driving back to Fort Worth, TX from Albuquerque, NM today and after driving about 600 miles, I'm literally 20 minutes away from my house. Home stretch!! And all of a sudden, my motor just shuts off. I pulled to the side and tried to start her up again and it's a no go. It sounded like it wanted to crank, but just couldn't and I smelled an odd burning scent. And before it happened, I heard a faint whistling noise that lasted about 10 seconds, then a few minutes later is when my motor shut off. There were no fluids leaking, the engine still had plenty of oil, all the fluids were fine, the battery is brand new, so I'm thinking that it may be something with the ignition system or the fuel system. So I had her towed to my mechanic and he'll hopefully take a long at her tomorrow. What do you guys think?
the medium rare filter...

Maybe sucked in a skunk, lol,

hope u get it fixed..
I still have to wait until like tomorrow to see what my mechanic says kindasad.gif
smell were? check the fuses or relays, maybe you got a short somewhere(especially if its smelling inside the cqr)
QUOTE (zoik @ Dec 15, 2010 - 10:44 AM) *
smell were? check the fuses or relays, maybe you got a short somewhere(especially if its smelling inside the cqr)

Hmm... maybe. It kiiiiind of smelled in the car, but it was stronger when I lifted the hood.
Well, my mechanic figured it out. My timing belt is completely shredded to pieces...
ouch. your engine didn't get messed up at all, did it? kindasad.gif
ouch! that sucks. hope you can get it back on the road soon.
He said the valves shouldn't be bent because it's a no-interference engine. He's almost positive that everything is alright, but the only way to know for certain is to put on the belt and start her up. It should be done by Friday. And now I'm broke for the holidays! frown.gif
Tough break man. Hope everything works out on friday for you.
Well, at least now you'll know for sure that you'll have a new belt! And on the bright side, at least we have non interference!
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