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Full Version: Pulling engine and trans out, a few questions
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So I have to replace my clutch, and I decided to just pull the engine and trans out together to (hopefully) make it easier for me. I'm in no rush since I don't have an engine hoist yet, but I'd like to get it ready to go as soon as I can. A few things I haven't figured out yet:

How do I remove the wiring harness from the ECM? Is it just me, or is there some reason I can't find it? I have my glovebox, and radio out but I don't know where to look next. Also, I was reading some posts before about 2 plugs behind the heater controls? Which ones?

Is there a way to drain the power steering fluid? I'd rather take the lines off without getting a red shower.

I need to disconnect the fuel lines, what's the proper way to vent the pressure in the lines?
You can take the driver's side axle out and a few other things and only drop the tranny out. It would be alot easier!
I know this, but I'm working on the floor here, so I figure I may as well just pull it. Plus I plan to swap in a v6 next year, so knowing how to pull the 5s before I start that would make things easier.
the ECU is under the center console.
go in from the passanger side, pull back the carpet, and you'll see it.
pull the 3 plugs, and follow the wiring along side it to pull the 3 interior plugs, and the COR plug.

drain the PS fluid at the resivour, remove the 17mm banjo bolt and high pressure line on the pump, and leave it connected to the engine when you pull it.

dont disconnect the ac lines either. just pull the 3 12mm bolts that hold it in place and hang it from the rad support with a few zip ties or some string or whatever.

pull the gas cap to relieve the pressure in the fuel system. some fuel will still leak out when you pull off the line on top of the fuel filter.

when you go to pull it, use 5 chain links on the passanger side, ~15 or so on the drivers, lower the tranny down, then pull it out.
search my threads, i have lots of pictures to help with removal. the only think i do different from Pressure is i leave the power steering on the car. i take it off the back of the engine.
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