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Full Version: Boyota's progression thread
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Hi all happy 6GC people.

This is the story about me and my 1996 GT-Four.

The car is imported to Denmark from Italy in 2003 by one of my friends.
When we import a car to Denmark we have to pay a registration fee for the car before it can get licensed.
My friend found out that this fee was way more than he want to pay at that time, so he only used the car for show and a little race.

The day he got home from Italy with the car

He bought a WRC wing and white sidemarkers for the car

Then my friend decided to buy a MR2 SW20 and rebuild it to a MR2 SW22, then he did not have time for the GT-Four anylonger, so i bought it in 2006.

The day I got the car:

The first stuff I got for it, was:

19" rims
Samco Intake hose
Apex-i Intake kit
HKS EVC black limited Edition
HKS Turbo Timer black limited Edition

The first year I had the car I also only used it for show and trackdays, so I installed the large D2 brake kit on it:

In 2007 i payed the registration fee on the car, and i was now 100% road legal biggrin.gif
And celebrated that with new JDM rear lights and TRD rear corner splitters:

Then in the vinter 2008/2009 I decided to do a modification of the frontbumper.

Vinter 2009/2010 I replaced the clutch and flywhell with a Competition Stage5 Clutch and a C-One Flywheel.
The front strut bar was also replaced with a C-One Strut bar

The car and (smart ass) me:

Other stuff I already got on the car, but can't remember when I bought it biggrin.gif
Cooling panel
JDM sidemirrors
HKS F-CON IV Gold Edition

Plan for the vinter 2010/2011 is:

Renovation of the gearbox.
TRD sideskirts
C-One Wannabee frontbumper (The D-1 from AIT Performance)
C-One strut bar in trunk.
D-1 fenders from AIT Performance
Replace the WRC wing with a WRC carbon wing from RT-Performance
Repaint the car
TEIN lowering springs.
18" rims.
Forgot to mention, that together with the car I got a SuperSprint Group N Rally Exhaust with a HKS Super Dragger back pipe.
Beautiful car, man. Beautiful.
very nice
Clean looking GT4 buddy welcome
Great work! I hope we meet this year on Pan European Celica Meet in Poland smile.gif
Nice car, what are those rims ?
LHD Sweet!!! i must have it!
Excellent molding work. I dig!
BA broo looks good
A little update.

Last weekend i removed the engine and gearbox from the car.
This weekend i startet with the modifications on the new front:

Next weekend I will start on building a new front bumper top.
QUOTE (TheChildOfTheSea @ Jan 2, 2011 - 12:11 AM) *
Nice car, what are those rims ?

The rims are Firefox Akuma:

QUOTE (malpaso @ Jan 1, 2011 - 10:46 PM) *
Great work! I hope we meet this year on Pan European Celica Meet in Poland smile.gif

I hope I have time for this event this year.
I'm also planning a trip to Leman this year smile.gif
C-one front end will look AWESOME!!!Great lookin car, cant wait to see it painted!

After a year with no progress I delivered the car at the paint shop a month ago, and 2 day's ago i got it back:

And startet to mount the engine and gearbox again:

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