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Full Version: Peeling out with bleach
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Does bleach really make your tires smoke more when you burnout?
Would it? Don't know. I try not to burn out my tyres, getting a bit too expensive for me.
cool thanks
It will also kill your paint! so don't do it.
LOL I hope that kid hasnt ran out and poured bleach all over his tires as soon as he read it.

lol nope not yet i herd about it and was just wondering biggrin.gif
arnt you suposed to take off the tires and let them soak for a while and then let them dry out for a few days before doing this?

have heard about it but never really had a desire to try
Did you ever see that show VIPER? they did it on there I heard.
a long time ago drag strips would use bleach for burnouts. i'm not sure if it's called the burnout box or the water box now a days but for a long time it was called the bleach box. the bleach would actually ignite producing a flamming burnout

not something i would try with my
Yo i remember Viper, changed into that silver viper and all that, acting sucked but the car was cool.
I remember the car shot out a little flying servalece plane.
yea, they had a viper on a jeep frame or something for the offroad stuff. that show was so great.
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