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Full Version: Aussie_Celica's ever evolving celica
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car was brought after searching for ages ended up having to travel 4 hours each way for 3 weekends before it actually got to my drive way.

Make/Model:1995 Toyota Celica ZR ST204
Engine Specs:Manual 5s-fe
Modifications:GTFour front, lowered with pedders springs, spoiler removed, arial removed, hand brake shorted and parts of the interior C/F vinyl wrapped
Audio & Visual:alpine IVA-W502E alpine type R 6 1/2 splits up front and type S 6 1/2 2 ways in the back sony explode sub and kicker 300watt mono amp
Wheels & Tyres:Stock 15" rims soon to be Work xt 7 17X8
Performance Mods: k&n drop in filter unrestricted intake with ram pipe into air box. 2.25 inch header back exhaust with tri flow muffler

so heres a shot of it from the old owner

as you can see stock as a rock rims and all there was not even a aftermarket head unit in it

my first few mods were a head unit and changing colors of lights and what not

then had it lowered and an exhaust put on

jdm tails and skirts

C/F wrapped fascias and vents

my Work XT7's

also custom shortened the hand brake

where i got upto bout end of last year

istalled short shifter

boot install and VD seats


then finally this is how the car sits now

Next step would be bc coilover and a beams swap
The GT4 front is a great improvement, it really transforms the car into something much tougher looking. I'd love to do the same, but I'm having trouble finding reasonably prices parts.

That's cool that you're planning a Beams swap, I'm about half way through mine. smile.gif
1000% improvment on the original look, good to see you havent got one of thosse oversized spoilers too lol. Now get a decent motor in to justify the exterior
QUOTE (PolliS_5S-FE @ Apr 17, 2011 - 11:30 PM) *
1000% improvment on the original look, good to see you havent got one of thosse oversized spoilers too lol. Now get a decent motor in to justify the exterior

Ahah, those oversized spoilers help handling by 0.0002%

Car looks great!
lol yeah was gonna put on the gt4 or trd wing but looks cleaner wingless i think
oh hmm that exhaust header looks way to familiar laugh.gif how r they working out for you??

get some more pics of the c-one lip please, but with some actual lighting, black is very hard to see in the shade biggrin.gif
Looking good man, especially the carbon wrap.
Was that difficult to do?
Its just that 3M vinyl wrap right?
BonzaiCelica: headers are great did improve performance slightly from what i can feel and sound awesome had to refab the front section of the exhaust which was good coz that part was still stock. will try snap some later today when i give her a wash for ya.

jordisonjr: yeah just 3m wrap if you use a hair dryer makes it real easy also id use some kinda spray adhesive under it just to help with stick because some of the hot days here have made it lift on the shifter part
few more shots of the lip its hard to get good lighting round here lol

looks good, I plan on getting that c-one lip soon. Is that replica or actual C-One??? are you going to leave it black???
as NGHTKD said its a REP but one of the best fitting ive seen im gonna paint the sides of it silver and maybe leave the middle black
wheres the beams swap at??
sorry for the bump, but do you have more side pics of your car?
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