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Full Version: 6gc meeting
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Lets have a gathering in Toronto! cus there are only a few 6GC on the road. Reply if u'r interested
When i was in Toronto I saw two Celicas. One of them was one of the really old ones that was black and in great condition, and the other was a black sixth gen. The only other cars I saw were Tiburons and Preludes everywhere..a few vipers too:)
I'm down, even if it is just the 2 of us. Better hurry, my car gets parked up soon.
I'm in as well:)

I'm in Mississauga.. my car is dying. lol
im in for toronto meet if its gonna around spring time
We should start trolling. I'm sure we could get a big turn out for a 6GC Toronto meet.

There aren't many Celica's around but I'm sure there are plenty in the area that would love to just hook up.

Let's push for this in the early spring? or whenever.

I'm good for either date.

well i'm good anytime, if u guys wanna meet in winters time, we could do a drft contest! biggrin.gif lol!
drift contest in a celi thumbsdown.gif thumbsdown.gif
Lets do a winter meet, I need to occupy my time. I'll bring my civic and we can make fun of hondas.
I'm up for it as well but I don't want to bring out my car cause it's really dirty and all cause it's winter.

So after the snow goes away I won't mind. I say spring will be good for me. Plus I have several things I want to fix up first.

I propose we meet May 22nd 2004
Any ideas on a location?!
I think somewhere around the 404 and hwy 7 area sounds good
lotsa big parking lots there!
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