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Full Version: wind noise
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My passenger side has started making wind noise in the last couple ofweeks. I have no idea what is causeing it, but it is really annoying. Any ideas on what it is? How to find what it is? and how to fix it?? Im open to any suggestions

This is likely to occur if you live where the temperatures get kind of cold. You live in Ohio, and I know it's been pretty chilly there lately because I have relatives there. The seals in the doors, sunroofs, trunks, etc. that create a good clean seal get not so flexible in the cold and are much more likely not to conform to one another as well as they should. This, in turn, causes air to pass through the tiny cracks between the non-conform seals.
Sorry, suggestion to help it. Don't open your sunroof in the winter if you have one...and I guess no not really. Park in a garage, it will keep your car in a somewhat constant temperature that is somewhat warmer and will ehlp keep the seals softer.
Try closing the passanger door biggrin.gif I know that sounds wierd but you would be surprised how often that works
i have a vert, so the seals around everywhere are always changing and i always get wind noise. Some things that help are opening and closing the windows after you have opened the doors. Especailly in the cold weather, do this once your car has had time to heat up. If all else fails and the wind noise is still there, turn up your stereo.
>>turn up your stereo

lol I have done that alot, in my old car. cuz it had tons of issues and all kinds of sounds. And I didn't care about the car enough to do anything so I'd just turn up the radio.. lmao
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