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NEWEST PROGRESS- Always my posts that say "NEW NEW NEW"

Ok so I bought the supra lights 2 weeks ago, and ordered the supra rear bumper last week, and its coming from manhattan (only a 3 hour drive from me) so I should have it very soon.
Im going to take a ton of pics, and sort of step by step it, since no one really has. Essentially doing the same thing 0re0 did, with some of my own twists.

Also as I suspect the bumper is going to take alot longer than it should, because people never just ship things out. Always wait a week mad.gif Im going to try some other things in the mean time.
Thats why i need some pics of the gt4 grill modded into a non gt4 bumper, like my invader. I know the pics are out there, ive seen them before, but after a half hour of looking and not finding I figured maybe someone would remember the member name? hopefully.
Also making some fender vents, not sure of the style just yet, but it just seems pretty easy. If anyone has pics of some custom fender vents Id love to see them. Maybe get some new ideas.
Thanks for any help, and ill post as soon as I get the bumper in
Look at my profile or build thread for invader + bumper grill/scoop thing.

Im interested to see your progression pictures on the rear bumper. Good luck
Look at my profile or build thread for invader + bumper grill/scoop thing.

Im interested to see your progression pictures on the rear bumper. Good luck
if u need a gt-four front bumper cover i have one. pm me

i can also cut it up how u want it for easier shipping.
YES! thank you playr! i knew someone did it i just couldnt remember who.
Im thinking about just cutting out and making the grill, but just using some metal mesh, as I already have it. And Im getting really good with fiberglass work.
The bumper is supposed to be here tuesday-friday. why is there such a big gap? Idk lol
But Ill post up pics as soon as I get it.

So i actually got the bumper today (bought it 4 days ago!). Also came with the side pieces, which the seller specifically told me it didnt, and they were for sale for an additional $80! So i got those for free smile.gif

Started to do a little bit of work with it, but ive been up since 3am so I didnt feel like doing much, about an hour in so far.

Anyway got it, and measured everything to get it centered. Contemplated it for a while, and got it bolted on to start.
Unfortunately a friend borrowed my good grinder, so i was stuck trying to do it with the crappy one that barely had anything left. So i got tired of it after most of the first one.

So heres some pictures. Ill try to make a huge post when its basically done, with time progression pics, and explanations. But for now, Im not even all that sure what im doing laugh.gif But its getting there. All starting to make sense in my head smile.gif

Took the old bumper off

Put what I had left of rustproof rubberized undercoating on, just for safe measures since it will never be back off lol

Just got it

Beginning grinding. I made it too small. But on purpose, better than grinding off too much.

First test fit. I got it alot closer just a few mins ago, Ill get better pics tomorrow

Like i said alot more grinding to do. More on the inside really, outside is almost done on this side. Im just being cautious with the grinding. Trying to get it near perfect, and not taking too much out.

Little closer, although it doesnt look like much tongue.gif

Just a Pic of both on

Ill hopefully get that side done tomorrow, if the rain holds off. Then Ill start the other side. Im going to save the sides for last, although I have a pretty good idea how its going to work

Also huge thanks to deathdoakill, gave me some great info smile.gif
what are u going to do with the front?
Im not sure yet, thinking I should just do the supra, considering the sides and rear will be. But honestly yours looks 1000x's better lol. Its still up for discussion, if you have something to suggest. Im up to it if I like it smile.gif
But Im short on money now with the 3s all paid, new car, bought all the new paint, fixing my chevelle, and now this project laugh.gif . Gonna finish this up first
I don't know why, but I always thought the Supra rears looked like a fat kid trying to blow a square bubble. This will deffinately be unique though. I look forward to the finished product.

Will you be at the DWG meet this year?

EDIT: Yeah, DWG, sorry haha.
hahahahaa that actually made me laugh lol. Everyone whose seen them said they look like a street stop light.
I assume you mean DWG, and yeah ill be going. I have a friend in jersey that i meet up with after, so i always try and go.
And thanks I know it will turn out good, just needs a week or two of work smile.gif
ive only seen pictures of this complete, but i think its wicked, one of the best things anyone has ever done if you ask me i love the lights on the supra,
this is pretty awesome cant to see when its done heck if it comes out great i might even try it myself on my celica
not to be an a$$ haha, but the right one looks a little crooked still. You need to raise the right side of it up a little it seems. Make sure you use a leveler!
Can't wait to see it finished man!
QUOTE (mkernz22 @ Jul 7, 2011 - 8:04 PM) *
not to be an a$$ haha, but the right one looks a little crooked still. You need to raise the right side of it up a little it seems. Make sure you use a leveler!
Can't wait to see it finished man!

dude, he didnt even begin the work .. lol.. he still got to make brackets and what not, the end result is going to be sick.
I'm just letting him know from that last picture! lol I really hope it's going to be sick!
Wow thanks alot everyone, I cant believe this actually got alot of support on this lol. Unlike when I did the sides and people freaked on me and hated the very idea tongue.gif
I do kinda like your idea sound, with the 350z smile.gif And seeing how I dont plan on having the 3s done for another year, Im deff doing the front as well. Quite possibly doing one of your ideas biggrin.gif

Oh and I know the lights are off. The bumper is actually slanted and bit, not really sure why, maybe it looks right on the supra? But ill fix that tomorrow, when I really get it cut out right.

But anyway as sound pointed out i havent even begun the process. I just only had an hour out there. An hour of me not knowing what im doing too lol tongue.gif I still got to grind out a ton on both sides, hopefully i get my good grinder back, and can find my safety gogles. early I was just nearly closing my eyes and praying wink.gif haha
I think ill be able to finish the passenger side cutting tomorrow, and start the drivers. But its also a 40% chance of rain tomorrow, so we'll see
Again a huge thanks to deathdoakill for the inspiration on the project. Wish me luck smile.gif
seems like a lot of work done! so far it looks like that "better way one done" Supra rear end conversion that already seen... thumbsup.gif
Thanks smile.gif everyone. Sorry not a whole lot of progress
I finally got out there today just to be rained out after only a half hour mad.gif . But I did get some work done, grinded out the hatch and everything that needed to be grinded out behind it light all done, pretty much perfectly. May try and smooth it out a bit more before adding the fiberglass to everything I cut.
Anyway Im not sure if its the bumper, or if it works on the supra? But from the inside corner of the bumper (where the light goes) to the outside, it slopes down about an inch. Anyway Im not sure how the other supra rear guys did it, but I plan on making them sit even and filling the huge gap (you'll see in the pics what I mean)
I have a ton of stuff to do in the next few days but hopefully I can get out there and do the other side. This side has only taken me about 2 hours, so the next side I should be able to do in under and hour. Just need the time to get out there

You can see how much it drops by the time it gets to the orange light.

And this is the gap I need to fill. Its pretty much a perfect fit now. Just may not look like it cause its held up by a glove lol. Ill fill all this in before I start the other side, and by the time its dry the other side should be done as well
you are going to have to make a bracket , and u are prob going to have to go deeper into the hatch behind the taillight.. thats what i did... ill post pics tomorrow... i had to make caps that go over the backs of the taillights from the inside of the car... ill take pics tomorrow and show u
I am completely through the back of the hatch for most of the light. I was trying to leave a bit there if it was possible, but I may have to cut the whole back out so the light can sit back far enough. Its still only in the beginning stages tongue.gif
but Yeah pics would be great, anything to help me out lol. I helped my friend finish up his valve job tonight so i may get to my projects tomorrow smile.gif
Ok so ive been sick frown.gif yeah in the middle of summer mad.gif lol and i finally got out there today, but only for a little bit and then it started to rain (i need a garage tongue.gif) and i didnt want to be out there after i got sick in the rain

But I got alot done. Although it doesnt look like it, alot of fine tuning and tiny things that were off that take 10x's more time than the beginning. and actually bolting the light in, and making a makeshift mount lol. And making the hatch actually close (didnt close before)
Im not sure if anyone will notice, but i cut too much off the top. But i did it on purpose so I can fiberglass it smooth. Still a ton of work to do, but hopefully it doesnt rain tomorrow, cause I have nothing to do finally and I can spend all day on it.

Coming together slowly

Fill in the gap tomorrow and get rid of the glove lol

I'm guessing you missed out on the 3 days of beautiful sunny weather to work on her then =(
haha yeah it sucked, i didnt even really know it was nice i slept for like 5 days straight lol. hopefully ill have alot more done tomorrow
yea it should be nice the next two days; and see ya wednesday, finally get to see the red celi?
yeah hopefully, i actually gotta get it inspected tomorrow lol (inspection ended last month tongue.gif) Ill grab the sideskirts tomorrow and pressure wash them, and make sure they fit in the hatch
So i didnt get much time to work on the rear today, but I did start the foam process. Keep in mind this is the first time ive ever used this stuff, and I tried to do it too small/use to little, just cause I dont really know how its going to expand and dry and everything.
Ill get some more pics tomorrow of how much it expanded and what the next step is

Start- taped it off to keep it all clean

taped a general shape, and started filling

added more

Obviously im going to sand it down, and then add fiberglass. But its getting the shape

trying to keep it to a minimum cause i dont know what im doing tongue.gif. but ill add more if it needs to be tomorrow.

Closed up and waiting for it to dry smile.gif

Is that a big ass sub box in your trunk?
How the hell do you see behind you? lol
haha yeah i built it exactly how big its supposed to be for the subs. And strangely because of the slant in the box, I can see basically fine out the back, everything but like really low objects
Loving the time spent working on the car. Great work man.
looking good

Firstly thanks everyone for the positive support smile.gif
Its been like 90+ and its going to be like that the next couple days, so im not going to get anything done. But I got some work done today from 4-6am and its already 87 out there frown.gif needless to say im not going back out there lol
The foam that I did worked really good, and I found that cutting it with a hacksaw actually worked really well, and since its pretty long you can cut the general shape very easy. Hard to explain, just getting the info out there.
Then I also added the sides on. Took some time to figure it all out, and how to approach it, but i got the idea all figured out in my head now smile.gif.
Lots of new pics

Removed the light and cut more

Put the light back in, and started planning more

Put the side piece on, and taped it up to foam.

Taped part of the light off again (missed some spots to foam) and foamed the sides on

Drivers side before the side piece

Screwed it on

Huge gap before

Cut and got rid of most of the gap

Ran out of painters tape, and the foam frown.gif but got the drivers side started.

Distance View

Obviously I have a ton more work to do, and ill get to it in a few days, but its coming together alot easier and faster than i imagined honestly smile.gif. And the second light will go in much easier since i know how big the hole must be and how much of the hatch to cut out
nice man; yea its freakin hot as hell out

Got a half hour to cut the foam before it got dark out. Not much, but sunday I can get out and bondo the small holes, and gaps. Then fiberglass over all of it

Foam got a little out of control laugh.gif Cause I ran out of tape before

Cut it out, and got it under control

Far view

Sunday will come alot of progress smile.gif
Where is this car parked? Its not your driveway. Or is it? I noticed you do everything from your swap to this conversion here. And your other car is next to it as well. Its nice that you all that space, if it is private that is.
QUOTE (whatthe @ Jul 22, 2011 - 8:10 PM) *
Where is this car parked? Its not your driveway. Or is it? I noticed you do everything from your swap to this conversion here. And your other car is next to it as well. Its nice that you all that space, if it is private that is.

was thinking that as well. LOL laugh.gif
haha yeah it my house (well my parents house obviously as im only 19). It was an old doctors office they bought and renovated. Theres a front parking lot where everyone else parks, and then me and my brothers have the bottom parking lot. So I have alot of space, unfortunately its not covered, so its a million degrees out there whenever i try to do anything. A big part of why its going so slowly
What are you going to do with the bottom? It's a little odd looking. Seems like it should tuck under or something.
yeah, its hitting the ... towing things? I dont actually know what they are called. But its making it like uneven. Im going to do something, im just not sure yet.
In a few hours im going to go out and be out there hopefully all day. Should get most of it done, as ive only had like 8 hours total to work on it
So I was able to get alot of work done today. It doesnt look like much, and Im not sure how the pics will come out (if you can see the fiberglass or not). But anyway I cut out the other hole for the drivers side tail light.
Basically got it all foamed in, may need a tiny bit more, just to shape it perfect. But for the most part after I sand it down its done.
Got one layer of fiberglass on the whole passengers side. It still dry/curing but in a day or two I will sand it and add another layer (I know it looks unruly, but it will sand down fine, thats just the first layer)
Also got the side piece fiberglassed on, on the bottom.

Pics may be a little out of order. Whenever i upload to photobucket it puts them in like some random order, and I dont have the time to look through them all right now.

Starting out, final foam.

Cut the foam.

Tiny crappy bit of fiberglassing. Ive only done it once and it was a year ago, but it ended up pretty good especially toward the end.

Foamed a bit of the driver side. Ran out of supplies and had to go get more.... Ive spent like $40 on tape lmao

Cut out the other light. Yes its cut all the way through, I saw no other way, but it doesnt even leak now, and its pretty open, be alot more closed then the fiberglass is done.

Before any foam, not even sure if the light had fit yet?

Foamed a bit

Cit it down a bit

Fiberglassed the bottom part. Alot better than the other side.

Now this is the passengers side. Its all fiberglassed now, not sure if these pics show it though

Bonus- found some pics of my house, and took a pic of another project car... i think alot of people will enjoy wink.gif




I hope you're not planning to do any crazy exterior mods to that Chevelle! lol
haha no way. The chevelle is running fine now, just need to find time to paint it... and money for the paint lol. Hopefully it will be on the road next summer, cant wait to see how much higher my ridiculous insurance is with another car lol laugh.gif
awesome man... i havent been around my celica to get you those pix. but i will try tomorrow..
thanks smile.gif and its fine, not like im in a any rush lol. I assume, it will be completely done end of next month. The car still wont have an engine... but itll look awesome lmao
Wow, def not my style on the rear lights, but I give you a ton of props for cutting it up and going at it. I hope it turns out great. Nice '69 btw.
Thanks man. I know its not everyones style kindasad.gif but its alot of work so i do appreciate everyones support/good luck/props smile.gif

And I just ran out of fiberglass (got the drivers side 98% fiberglassed). But i dont entirely feel like driving back out to home depot, so I may start prepping the chevelle

Some more chevelle pics. They are really old though. as you can tell my first celi is still red lol. Its alot cleaner now

396BB....enough said

Sweet window etching
Loving the american car ...
you make it look so easy to do! hahahah
great work. keep it up!

and that's a nice chevelle. wish my 1gc was in that condition. frown.gif
thanks again. And it truly is easy if you have the time.
Just need patience, and the ability to see past the first stages when youve just ripped your beautiful car apart laugh.gif . I have no real experience dong this stuff (done custom stuff 4 times) and I had no help, it all pretty self explanatory. Working with fiberglass, foam, bondo, ect. is easy to do. And if you mess up, just sand it back down
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