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Full Version: Jacka** on cardomain
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haha check this guy out.....

cardomain jackass man

I know there is a lot of people that do that on cardomain and probably a lot of other places, but thats just stupid tongue.gif
man he's got some really high hp numbers rolleyes.gif
lol.. my ****in ass lol
Is is me or does the green Celi look photshopped? Matter fact the black one looks like it also? confused.gif
man, I tried to get one of those speed meter things over 100, but everytime I made a pass over 100 it just read a little dot in the lower right corner

and yea, that dude's a jackass
isnt that blue one custoes car?
Yeah, besides if you check out just even the first page...the rims on that car are the stock 15's. Dumba$$
hahahah 9.5 seconds.
that black one was on ebay a while back...
haha i remember seeing that black one somewhere...and thinking that the body kit + that low makes it look kinda nasty

this guy is pretty lame...but at least he has good taste biggrin.gif
The silver one...doubt they're his. Go to They use that car.
I like how he didnt know what kind of kit that Coustoes car had, so he calls it a "basic" kit.... biggrin.gif
over 400hp.... ha! whatever.... and an under 10sec celica.... right.... what a dumb retardo
RAYS rims? What the crap! 340 horsepower....(he rebuilt the engine and it took him 2 years) hahahahahaha!!! The yellow one is soooo photoshopped.
pick him up!
if only my GT would gain 319 hp with a greddy exhaust and toyo tires frown.gif

i wish i could strangle ppl like this. i mean if ur gonna lie about gaining that much hp on someone elses car at least dont try and tell us you got 200 hp from greddy exhaust and toyo tires.

pisses me off
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