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Full Version: High School Movie Project
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I'm in a class in my high school called 'Media Technology'. Basically, every group of 4-5 is given a video camera (yes, it's a rich school.. and I hate it =/), and we're assigned random projects to complete throughout the year. I know that the end of the year 'final' project is a 15-60min. feature about whatever you want. You're graded on lotsa things, including originality, time spent on the project, camera angles, just tons of stuff. I decided that I'm going to do my final project alone rather than in a group, mostly because no one in my class (or school for that matter) gives a damn about cars.. even though there's a senior in that class with a '94 GT Coupe.. he may go in my video =D

I want to do something Celica related. My car is an ST, and very stock. I'm not planning on getting any performance mods, mostly going for the show car look, because quite honestly; my parents won't let me do engine swaps, turbos, etc.. and insurance rapings aren't really my thing. I do, however, want to make the movie appear as if I have this fast car that I continually upgrade and modify to make faster (making it a 10-second car.. remember, kids at my school don't know **** about cars). I have some filming techniques that I've been thinking about that could enhance the "speed" effect, and make the car appear to go faster, etc.. and I've been working on camera angles that I could use to make it more of a good movie than just another high school project. I've also got some good music lined up for the movie.. there's so many kickass songs that could fit in a 60minute project on Celica's..

What I'm getting at, since I'm going to be working on this for the next 5-6 months.. do any of you have another idea that could be Celica-related and differ from "making my car a 10-second car"? I will _HOPEFULLY_ have a body kit on my car by the time the video is finished, so it could be a good way to wrap it up "well, I've got the fast car, now I need it to look badass" *gets body kit, movie ends*. On the other hand.. your ideas?

[Note: I'm obviously not going to make the car any faster, not getting any performance parts--just going to make it sound like and appear that I have bought all this stuff and put all this time and money into it. Kids at school don't know any better, nor do they have to.]

Regardless of the topic, you can bet your ass that it'll be available for download here once it's finished come early June!

I guess I can give a few ideas.

If you go with the 10 second car theme:
- There are people on this site that have very awesome looking engine bays and I'm sure you could find a car your color. Have a few that know how to upload movies form their video camera take a few shots of their engine bays. Just an idea, and I'm not sure if you'll swing for it.
- You could use effects, because you know that the FnF cars actually only ran 13s and 14s. They were pretty much stock except for exhaust and the dressed up enigne bays, as well as the exterior details. Research how they did their shots.
- If you are going to do shots of inside your car when you are running these "10 second runs" learn how to mess with the speedo, or if you are good with video/image editing, you could edit frame by frame to make it seem as though the speedometer needle is higher than it is. You could also buy the km/h glow guages for like 15 bucks on ebay, so when you're going like 55mph, it shows you going 80. This could make it seems as though you're going a lot faster than you are. with video editing, or white could erase where it says KMH.
- Another thing is, how you time these runs and show you're doing it in ten seconds. I would have people with stopwatches, and try to get the time as close to 10 seconds as possible, or if you're going with the whole building up the car theme, then you could progressively get lower towards 10. Don't actually time the run, just show the stopwatch afterwards or whatever you're doing, cuz you may be doing like computer timed or whatever...however realistic you want it.
- I would spring for an exhaust, so you can get the sounds down.
- If you're making it 60 minutes, you don't want just straight race footage. Try to get some footage of the local car scene. Get footage of other cars as well.

I have a few other ideas I guess for doing this. You could do other things using your Celica and playing it off as a fast car. Or do you a total movie about how the Celica got you the hot chick. I don't know, lol. I'm just throwing up ideas here. Have fun with it though!
Find someone you know with a fast car and then "race" them. You could probably extend this out to like 2-3 minutes like the FnF movie did for a 10 sec quarter mile.

Get some friends together and tape you passing them a few times. Have a camera in your car and in the car that your are passing.
Man, this is going to be so badass.. thanks for the input guys!

Anyone else?

Just keep in mind that a 10 second car does not mean that its a 10 second video. You could show lots of different angles one after the other. ie. for the launch you could show 3-4 different angles before the launch (excitement of driver, engine reving, tachometer reving, next car reving, etc) and on launch you can show a lot of different angles such as wheelspin, speedometer jump etc.
keep in mind that the faster the different angle shots change, the higher the speed impression is.
In my point of view, you should be explaining a bit what each mod does to the car and try show that tuning a car for more speed is like a sport and that you get an adrenaline rush from it rather than showing that people that tune their cars are odd or something because the care about their cars.

My best advice is to plan ahead. That is, do a story board of how you movie will begin how it will progress and how it will end. Be sure you know what angles your looking for and make sure there is a meaning behind your film.

Just compare fnf1 with fnf2 and you will see that even if the fnf2 had more racing and more effects, fnf1 was much better due to the story.

And never forget to include the comedy factor. Like if you include a scene of you traying in the parking lot to learn how to handle the car.
so here is mac's speedodmeiter trick.... jack up your car front end ( back if you want just for fun) and support the with some good 2 ton jack stand... no get in your car and and put and drive and/or run thought the gears this will make you SpeedO... go from 0-100 in about 3second...
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