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Full Version: 5SFE rebuild
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After finishing my beams swap I decided it would be a waste to junk what could be a good engine, so I've decided to rebuild it. I plan on taking my time and making it worth it, but now i have decisions to make, and that's where I need your help. I stripped the cylinder head down and cleaned everything a thoroughly as possible, I reground the valves and seats, cleaned on the gasket surfaces and checked for any thing that may need to be replaced, and to my surprise every single part of that 17 year old cylinder is still within specifications and 100% reusable. But if anyone knows of good cams, valves, springs, lifters, ect. that I should invest in to make a better finished product, your opinion matters. also note i do plan on turbo charging it eventually as well. Any information or suggestions anyone wants to share will be appreciated and taken into consideration. Thank you!
Yeah man these things are made to last if taken care of. I've always wanted to have a spare 5s to slowly rebuild with sick parts, ive heard colt cams are good, there's a thread about them around here somewhere. What are you planning to do with the engine once your done with it since you already have the beams in your celi?
It all depends, I'm currently having a lot of problems with the Beams, I haven't had much time to diagnose them but it seems I might have the wrong ECU so until I find a proper one I don't think it will run right, so I can take the BEAMS back out and put the new 5s in and work on the BEAMS out side of the car and give it the attention it needs or if I could find another shell I would just put the 5s in that
yeah my 5S-FE was still in spec too. i just honed the cylinder walls and put new rings and bearings in it. if course all new gaskets. i have a ton of 1ZZ and 2ZZ valve springs. i just need a 5S-FE spring and i can compare. the 2ZZ would be a good upgrade because we run those up to 8500 RPMs all day long.
So here are a few pictures of whats been done so far,

Cylinder head:

and after a thorough cleaning in the parts cleaner:

And than I ground the valves:

Pistons and Crankshaft:

The 5s in my car is on its way out. Ive been wanting to pick up a spare 5s and build it while the current one dies. Check out webcams for good cams.
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