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Full Version: My 1995 Celica SX Project
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Heys guys, after reading through quite a lot of threads in this forum, I decided to muster up all my courage to register myself as a member lol! Anyways, I just want you guys to kow that I'm a student who is very tight on money frown.gif until I finish education and get an actual job I'll only be trying to do low-budget modifications haha.
Anyways, so here I am, making a thread to show the progression of my celica. Just to inform you guys, I actually came here to learn and also ask for advice. I've never taken up an automotive subject for school, and I was also never raised up interested in cars, but things changed when my sister's boyfriend got my hooked onto celicas. SO yeah, I'll be asking pretty nooby questions and for opinions from you guys at
I purchased my first car -a silver 1995 Celica SX- from my sister's boyfriend back in september, last year (Happy New Years btw tongue.gif) . I had just got my licence, and was in need of a vehicle; I asked him if he would sell me his unused celica since I saw the celica sitting infront of his house for quite a while. He later told me that the celica was sitting there because the owner of the vehicle (his brother) bought a VW Golf and he just didnt have the time to sell the Celica. So I asked him if I could buy it off him and he gave me a really good deal... I got the celica for least than $2000. The car was basically sitting unused outside my sister's boyfriend's front yard for more than half a year, so you would have known what to expect, it was covered grass, which was ridiculous to get off (even with a high pressure hose), a crapload of brid crap (lol). I had to first of all get the oil leak patched up.

The only good thing about the car was that besides the oil leak, everything else worked like a charm, I had to replace a few interior bulbs. I also replaced the stock headunit with a JVC KD-R326 (self-installation) with the help of my sister's boyfriend rather than going to a specialist to save money (the car didnt blow up, so I'm happy haha). I bought the headunit from Best Buy during the Black Friday sales for 40 bux. The same head unit is selling for 150bux at stores in AUstralia, so i guess I saved a heap. smile.gif Anyways. I did all I could on the interior, buying a steeringwheel cover (cause the aussie summer can make the sterring wheel really hot) to seat covers. But what I really want to do for this year is refurbish the exterior and make it look presentable, as new and clean.
I want to get rid of the oxidation on the spoiler and roof, the roof has been oxidized the worse, and it's a very unnappealing look on the celica. So I've been researching by googling and youtubing ways to get rid of oxidation. I've tried cutting compounds and wax/polishers, but the oxidation just doesnt want to come off. My last resort is to get it touched up but that'll probably cost a lot of dosh and being a tightass I want to find out other cheaper but as effective alternatives to save the bucks but get a decent/makeshift result. I'll take pictures of the oxidation on my phone soon and upload it to show you guys what I mean haha. I was thinking of doing a backyard job by first taking off the spoiler and spray painting it. If it looks good and the silver colour matches, I'll probably attempt to do the roof? I hope i didnt bore you guys smile.gif but I'll be back soon with the pictures. I hope you guys can give me some pointers and suggestions.
A spray paint job would do too well on the roof, I just don't see it matching. Painting the plastic parts would probably turn good results, if prep is done diligently. As for a probably oxidation cure, read the following link.

Good luck taking care of that 199. smile.gif
You've already got JDM tails and the facelift bumper so you're off to a good start thumbsup.gif When I joined 6gc, I only knew how to wash my car, change my oil, and air up my tires. I learned virtually everything I know by reading here. Welcome to the forum and be sure to stick around a while, you'll learn some great things smile.gif
Hey guys, here are the photos of the oxidation on my spoiler and roof.

So from what I've gathered, to do a diligent prep on the plastic parts such as the spoiler, I'd first have to give it a buff. After that I'd give it a thorough wash and get some course sand paper and sand off the unequal oxidized areas on the spoiler and ofcourse repeat the sanding again but this time with a finer sand paper. Give it another wash to get rid of the dust and then spray paint it with the metallic silver. I'd let it dry then repeat it again for another 1-2 coats. I'd then spray plastic primer (clear coat) on the spoiler. I guess that's it, haha. I'll post my progression over the week. Thanks smile.gif
Plastic primer and clear coat are not the same thing but yes, that's exactly what you do! Be sure to do light coats, and paint slowly. You'll be fine. I never can get rattle can paint to be as glossy as real paint but I suspect it's operator error. Good luck!
Here are a few pics when I first brought it (wheels are from my ZR, it had hubcaps tongue.gif)

Take good care of it smile.gif
Looks good mate, are those first series of night pics at Homebush?

Glad to see more sydney members.
Yep homebush smile.gif
We need a Sydney meet!
Just got my windows tinted for $185. They were 20% tints. I'll post pics up tomorrow. Now I'm saving up for SSIII front and rears. I want to also add some JDM stickers but not completely sticker bomb the car and make it look like ricer trash. Any suggestions?
Hey guys I was at the car wash tonight, been busy all week with work so didnt get a chance to take some pictures/ clean the car haha. Anyways, as you can see, the tints are 20% and the new addition of the sticker smile.gif I have other mods that will come shortly afterwards this march. Hopefully all goes according to plan.

update your thread you homo!
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