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Full Version: Raced a NA 89 Supra
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Well, I went over my friend's house today because he wanted to see the Injen intake I installed yesterday. Well, we decided to test our cars out. He has a stock 89 Supra NA and I just have an Injen intake. We found a place to race, (actually it was right in his court...) and anyway... We started out and his tires squealled a little bit on the take off. I took my car to about 4600 and occasionally 5000 RPMS each shift. I was ahead through third gear. At around fourth or fifth he got even with me and then a turn came and he hit his brakes in case there was someone coming around the corner.

I was satisfied with the results considering my engine generates 135 hp and his makes about 200 hp. Now I thinking whether I want to get my windows tinted or get an underdrive pulley. I kinda want to be able to beat him at least once before he modifies his car at all.
Yea, well then he wasn't getting on it or he needs to learn to drive again.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but if he wanted to spank you, he would have been able to hand it to you out of 1st gear, pulling by at least a car maybe more through second, and third you would have had no chance to even read his license plate. Don't mean to sound like a dick, but there's no way you would keep up with any Generation NA Supra. I have a friend with a 2001 GT Celica w/Injen CAI and Greddy Exhaust, and he gets spanked by a 91 NA Supra all the time without hesistation.

I have a friend with a stock '93 NA Supra and he can run GS-T/X Eclipses all day long. They have mad pull for being NA, and I highly doubt a Celica is going to keep up with one with just an intake... Turbo Dreams.
Id like to see some stats on a 91na, since they were not a comparable model to the 93+.
1989 supra-na:
Horsepower: 200 @ 6000rpm
Torque: 188 @ 3600rpm
Curb Weight 3,460
HP/100 lbs: 5.780

1994 Celica GT liftback:
Horsepower: 135 @ 5400rpm
Torque: 145 @ 4400rpm
Curb Weight 2,580
HP/100 lbs: 5.233

not much difference in the HP/lbs, so it should be very close... the celica has a more efficient drivetrain too.
You probably outlaunched him, but when the wind resistance came into effect, he was able to gain on you.

hope you had fun... drive safe biggrin.gif
also remember, Curb Weight makes a big dif, thats why hondas, an well imports are hot now cause like camaro's are so freakin heavy
1993 Honda Civic Si hatch:
Horsepower: 125 @ 6600rpm
Torque: 106 @ 5200rpm
Curb Weight 2,326
HP/100 lbs: 5.374

No wonder they are popular for solo racing...

BUTT though...
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