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Full Version: burning or leaking oil
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Ok, iv had my celi for um well maybe about 6 mounths. I havnt really had any problems with it, It has about now 132k on it, and i noticed that my oil was low. Im used to this ****, driving chevy trucks an all, well my bimmer never did, oh man i miss it, well getting back, i wasnt sure if any one leaks oil or burns it?/, i know its coming to burn oil when driving but i think im prolly burnning or leaking about 1/2 quart every 1500 mile. I wasnt sure if these things are comin with a certain spot where the oil leaks. I know my 525i was comin with the valve cover gasket..just a thought. thanks with any help

What I was told by the previous owner of my 94 ST was the seals and combustion chamber wear out so I believe it might be burning it. I've had mine for a month and don't notice it yet. But if its burning you should see it from the exhaust.
my gt has always gone through 1 lt. for every 5000 km (aboot 3000 miles) I have put on over 70,000 km and that has never changed.
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