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Full Version: Windshield Pits
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My windshield has all of these pits and tiny chips in it from rocks and debris hitting it over the years. Do any of you guys have a similar problem with your windshield? It makes it very hard to see through the glass in certain light. Does anyone know how this can be fixed without buying a new windshield?
Check with your insurance company, your policy might cover windshield damage.Insurance companies don't want you driving around with a windshield that has been damaged(impairing your visiblity) and if you have comprehensive(that covers things like theft, storm damage, rocks thrown from vehicles, etc) they should replace it for free.I've had a windshield, and several side windows replaced for free over the years, and the windshield just had a small chip in it, but it was right directly in front of the drivers vision, so they replaced it because it can cause you to focus on that spot while trying to drive and make you to have a accident.They would rather pay $300 or $400 for a windshield than 10 times that amount when you hit somebody later because of it.

I know we have that optional coverage in Ky, but it might be different in your state.Plus I think it also covers animal damages like all those damn deers everybody seems to be hitting lately.

For you younger people who might not know about this coverage:

Collision - covers your own car when you wreck, and goes up in price.

Comprehensive - covers your car from theft, fire, storm damage, animal damage, objects thrown from other cars, etc. It costs alot less than collision even with a smaller deductible(winshield damage is free though) and pays for alot of things you don't think can happen to your car.And it does'nt go up when something gets turned in because you were not at fault.
It's also worth remembering that the windshiled is a major part of the structural integrity of the car should you be in an accident.
Adverse cold weather can have a negative effect on such chips etc - thus weakening the glass even more.. if in doubt - sledgehammer it and get a new windshield through the insurance.. In the UK it's usually 50 for auto glass claims..
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