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My names Ed, and I live in Barcelona, Spain. I am from the Republic of Ireland. I've been living here for 13 years. In that time I've had a number of cars.

First one I got a year after arrival was a '93 Prelude 2.2 vtec. After that I got a '00 BMW 318ci. I sold that to get back into university.
So now I've got this 1996 GT. Its covered in dents and scrapes. Pretty tired looking. I want to make it look like new, improve it where I can and try to keep it as standard as possible. I'll be painting it black, and keeping the wheels as they are, just tarting them up a bit.
All of this depends on my finances of course, so it'll be a slow process. Patience will be required. Lots of patience.

Here's some photos during the first days work. Sanding and filling etc.

keep it up dude, we all want to see a celi brought back to like-new shape
QUOTE (enderswift @ Jul 8, 2012 - 7:56 PM) *
keep it up dude, we all want to see a celi brought back to like-new shape

Thanks enderswift! I hope I can get it looking as good as yours!
Here's some more photos of progress.
I took off the side skirts - it was very easy.
The rear wing was a bit more complex, had to remove a small plate that was covering the central bolt. The I discovered the wing was glued on as well, so I had to cut away at the glue. That was so difficult to clean off afterwards.

Quick 2 min walk around of Celica, showing some of the many flaws. I've seen cars in scrapyards that look better.;feature=relmfu

This me sanding away to get rid the lumps and only leave the sexy humps. Good tip when filming, don't leave a glass of water on the ground where it can get kicked.

I got some good and bad news today too. I went to talk to the owner of a garage here in this small town, and he said I could paint the car using his spray room.

Bad news is that the paints he uses are expensive, and could cost over 500 euros. Still, if I can get a top quality finish it'll be worth it.
There's rust on the rear boot lid (Trunk in American!) so I'll get him to take the glass out of the rear lid and weld in some fresh metal.
I'm not sure if I should take out the front wind shield for painting as well.

My Sleeeka also has the usual clack clack clack when turning left with the foot on the pedal. So I think that's one of those drive shafts jumping. So I'll get the mechanic to put in a reconditioned one. Apparently it's a lot cheaper.

It's been a difficult few days, my arm feels like it's going to fall off and my back screams at me whenever I bend over. Nonetheless I am encouraged the results so far.
I was filling the more noticeable dents all over the car, but I realized I should probably go carefully panel by panel so as no to miss any defects. The longer I stared at a panel, the more dents I could see. It was like as if I had someone following me with a battery in a sock.

I think the tiredness and the heat took their toll on me.
I took the car outside into the 36 degree heat in order to check for odd reflections and strange shadows. I nearly passed out in the heat. I'm just a pale skinned Irish guy, not designed for this weather.

I think I may just buy a second hand front wing as they seem easy to swap. Better that than try and fill and re-shape the old one. It's also lost it's strength due to the inside edge of the wheel arch being folded inwards.

I think the rear looks good. Still needs a lot of work though.
I'll have to wait a few weeks before I can continue as I'm going to England for some holidays.
I'm tired but itching to do more!
Just discovered my university fees have nearly trebled this year, so it looks like my Celeeeca will have to wait a year longer for its paint job. Still, this gives me the opportunity to ensure the bodywork is as close to perfect as I can get it. I'll keep at it, taking my time til its awesome.
This is how it looks at the mo, looking a bit pimpley.

I took a wheel off to see what could be done to make it nicer. Really it seems it had polished fronts to its spokes, machined grain that probably shone in the sunlight. Unfortunately the years have been hard on the finish, and there is a fair bit of oxidation on the edges and in many small scratches. So I took the decision to sand the whole lot back with my rotary sander, and then 400, and 600 and then polishing to a chrome-like finish with a polishing disk.
I think I'll paint the edges with a a titanium coloured paint, or maybe darker, and then clearcoat the lot. Should be nice 15's.

I did a bit more work on the wheels this week, sanding and polishing. I'm quite happy with the results. Gives the car that bit of "bling" like those American imports we sometimes see. I'm thinking of painting the sides of the spokes a gun metal grey colour. I already put a bit paint on the hub, to see what it'd be like. It looks good I think? I may paint it with the darker gun metal grey colour later.

I also did a bit more sanding of the bodywork. I'm still at the 400 grade stage as there are still some noticable imperfections. I'd like to just swap out the driver side wing completely as it's a bit too damaged, to much filler etc, but I don't have any money to buy another. I found a car in a scrapyard here in Barcelona, but its wing was more mangled than my own... Guy said he'd sell me the whole hatch with spoiler and all for 100euros (mines got a bad patch of rust right in the join between the glass). I haven't got a 100euros!!! Arrrrgh! The agony!!! I'll have to wait. I'm not good at patience.

BTW I never did swap out that damaged wing, and it's still on my list.
good work bud,

the car has already come a long way and you're only getting started. Any plans for performance upgrades in the future?
I can make you some money if you're willing to part with those Euro splitters. wink.gif

Otherwise, best o' luck.
QUOTE (enderswift @ Aug 26, 2012 - 9:59 AM) *
good work bud,

the car has already come a long way and you're only getting started. Any plans for performance upgrades in the future?

I'd like to do an SSIII BEAMS swap, but I need some money to do that.
QUOTE (SwissFerdi @ Aug 26, 2012 - 10:45 AM) *
I can make you some money if you're willing to part with those Euro splitters. wink.gif

Otherwise, best o' luck.

Thanks for the offer but I'm not gonna part with them until I have some SSIII splitters. Watch this space (although there's no hurry).
Another photo of a polished wheel

One of the wheel bolts is broken. I hope it's not to difficult to change. Seems the last owner broke it off. I have no idea how!
This weekend I'm going to polish the last two wheels and paint the painted bits with a gun metal grey and a coat or two of clearcoat.
Parles Català.
Que hi ha, que bé veure com un Celica torna amb força, segueix amb la bona feina. saluts
Sí que puc parlar una mica, però jo parlo millor espanyol, ja que era la primera idioma que vaig aprendre quan vaig anar a barcelona. Ara estic estudiant enginyeria en català. És bastant fàcil d'entendre ara.
Here's the wheel inserts all painted. I went for a dark gunmetal grey. This is the colour I'm going to paint the sides of the wheel spokes with this weekend. Should look banging. More photos soon.
I finished one of the front wheels today. I sanded it with an orbital sander then with finer grades by hand, polished it with a drill and polishing disk, masked the outside, and painted the inside silver and parts of the outside dark grey.

The grey looks lighter than I imagined, until you compare it to the plastic inserts (which are painted the same colour).

While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I painted the front hub dark metallic grey and the brake caliper red. I think it looks nice.
The silver splash on the tyre is because I moved the wheel while painting it. The newspapers underneath had become silver and wet, and I put the wheel on them. Dumb I know!

Tomorrow I'll finish the rear wheel and the other side (which are already polished).
I gave the whole wheel two coats of clear varnish. I hope that'll protect it a bit.
Looking good man! I'm thinking about painting the rims like you did. I wouldn't worry about the paint on the tire, I did that once and with a stiff brush it came right off.
Here's a better pic of what the completed side looks like. It would look a lot better if I lowered it slightly of course, but that'll happen later.
It took me about four hours to do each wheel, and I masked and painted the hubs and calipers in situ (I had previously scrubbed the calipers clean) while I was waiting for the wheel paint to dry.
I didn't get the passenger side front wheel sanded and polished, so it's the only one left to finish. I'll do that next week. I'll also scrub those tyres to get rid of paint marks and to generally improve their appearance.
While I was waiting for paint to dry I also whipped off the stereo/aircon surround and the gaiter surround. I've been thinking about painting these with the same dark grey as the wheels, as the lower piece has a melt from a cigarette burn and the top has a LED in a hole (I think from an alarm - the wires aren't connected).
These pieces came off surprisingly easily. The gear stick surround just jumped off when I pulled at it! They are all held on with simple clips, and two screws on the lower edge of the upper piece. I'm not surprised that when driving, the interior squeaked like party of mice on cocaine.
Has anyone stopped the squeaking? How? I was thinking of smearing a tiny amount of silicone on all the edges in that are in contact.

QUOTE (rivs @ Sep 15, 2012 - 5:42 PM) *
Looking good man! I'm thinking about painting the rims like you did. I wouldn't worry about the paint on the tire, I did that once and with a stiff brush it came right off.

Right then, I'll be scrubbing the tyres next week! I may apply some product to make the tyres a bit blacker and shinier. More photos to follow.
Front wheel - before and after!
Looks excellent!

I finally got around to working on the front wing. It still needs a lot of work, but it is encouraging to see it nearly ready.

I took apart my console, took the cd player out etc

I sanded the pieces down to eliminate the cigarette melts, and filled the hole that had been made for the old alarm. A number of coats of paint and clearcoat and hey presto! Finished! The metallic grey was meant to be the the same as used on the wheels, but I ran out and had to use a darker colour. Actually I think it looks better! More subtle. What do you think?

I even painted the thin rectangular cd player surround with the same paint. Hopefully I'll be able to refit these parts into the car in the next few weeks.
QUOTE (Anoroc @ Sep 18, 2012 - 6:39 AM) *
Looks excellent!

Thanks Anoroc! I think it looks even better in the flesh. Shines and sparkles in the sun. I highly recommend doing it if you have time.
I've seen many, many horribly painted interiors. This is not one of them. Looks awesome and great job
Thanks Enders!
Yeah, I'm going for a subtle look. The sort of thing you might look at and imagine Toyota sent the car out of the factory like that.
There will be no bright red painted bits, nor shall I be painting the side air vents or door bits. (Finally, I decided to paint the drivers vent, like in the SSIII)
I could be persuaded to paint the lower half of the interior that yellowy cream colour (like a Ferrari) if I had the money to get matching leather seats.
But as I don't, I won't.- It's on the wish list.
i really like how those wheels came out, i havent seen anyone polish the gt wheels yet nice job!
QUOTE (Ted95 @ Oct 9, 2012 - 7:14 AM) *
i really like how those wheels came out, i havent seen anyone polish the gt wheels yet nice job!

Thanks Ted!
Yeh I'm surprised that polishing them isn't done more often. I guess maybe it's because the finish is never going to be as shiney as the original finish. Also, the grained texture of the wheel needs to be sanded off to get rid of all the oxidation and stone chips and curbing, and well, it's a lot of hours... Approx. 4 each wheel for me. Taking into account labour and paints, it'd be cheaper to buy brand new 15s. I guess I'm poor now so my labour isn't worth anything.
Also keeps a certain amount of originality to the Celica. I like that.

This weekend is a long weekend, so I'm going to the car. I shall be installing the painted console. I'll take photos.
Also plan to keep shaping that front wing till its right. Then I don't know what to do.
So I fitted my center console this weekend. I think it looks pretty good, though I did notice a slight blemish where the alarm LED had been. But then I always notice the small details. I'll learn to live with it.
I think it looks quite like on the Japanese import beams celicas, but glossy.

I was unsure what to do next, so I took the rear lights off. It was pretty easy. One of them has a bit of damage on the lower edge, and the others a bit grazed. I guess I can polish out the graze but I'll need to buy a second hand one to replace that damaged one.

I took the front bumper of too. I kinda had to, for painting purposes, but also the grill on the front had fallen inside the bumper and the clips with the nuts (inside the bumper) for the number plate support weren't well attached, and one was about to fall off. Seems the bumper is damaged there, the ABS is split. I'll need to fix that. The foam internal of the bumper is good, no crushed or broken bits except a small split in the area of the indicator.

I took lots of bits home with me, the front splitters, the grill and the rear lights.
I think I'll repair the splitters and paint them black. I may paint the grill in the dark metallic grey, as well.
Watch this space. wink.gif
I fear it will be next year before I can paint her. But it'll be glorious!
Right! I'm heading back to work on the car this weekend, but it will be a secondary thing, as I'm taking my Yamaha Thundercat's wheels with me. I'm gonna clean 'em sand 'em and paint 'em silver!
I painted my Thundercats wheels this weekend. I think it's a big improvement, looks so clean. Here's the before pic:

Here's the after pic:

Since I have no money at the mo, I thought I'd get to work on my lights - see if I could make 'em look a bit better. This one is the rear right tail light. It seems to have had a close bump/scrape. It's all a bit broken. I pulled this broken bit out with tweezers.

So I glued the piece back in with superglue...

Bit of sanding...

Then a bit of polishing...

Bit of black paint...

The crack is still visible, but its a huge improvement. Then I got to work on the scrape on the left tail light.
This is the scrape:

After some polishing:

Voila!! Scrape gone!

I also sanded off all the numbers and things on the red areas, and polished the whole surface until really shiney. Looks like new!
Very good with paint and restoration I see... keep up the good work!
After the rears turned out so well, I got to work on the front indicators (turn signals).
This is a pic of a polished one on top of a untreated one just off the car.

I sanded it back with some 400 grade then 600 and finally with some 800, then polishing with some random polish I found.
Did the whole job while drinking a mix of red wine and Pepsi light while watching tv on my pc last Saturday night.

This is the end result:

Its not bad I think, there was some very bad pitting (stone chips or really tough insects), and I couldn't smooth it all away without spending a long time sanding, and I was already quite drunk, so I'm pretty happy with the results, although not with the hangover.
I noticed that my reversing light looked sort of dirty, so I popped out the bulb to see, and low and behold I found this:

So cleaned the bulb and got to work cleaning the inside of the light with Q-tips and window cleaning liquid.

The one on the left has been cleaned. It really makes a big difference, tho you can't really tell in the photos.
Its been a long cold winter, and I finally got back to visit my car. There has been a lot of construction work going on in the garage where I keep it, everything's covered in a thick layer of dust. It is covered with an old bed sheet, but the dust gets in everywhere, all around the engine bay and on the wheels.
So I popped the lid and started scrubbing the engine bay. Can't really tell in the photo.

While I was there I uncovered the Datsun (yes it had a dust cover - not that you can tell - it was sooo dusty). It looks so good, such car-porn. It's just sick. So I stood there and looked at it for a while, in a kind of wierd pervy way. I took some photos for later.

Later I also took out the Celicas interior plastic panels (they are just dumped in the boot) and cleaned their insides, as they were kinda brown and dusty. I'll be clipping those back in when the cars painted.
Roll on summer!
It has been two years, and I have finally got around to getting some paint on the car. I was determined to paint it a get it on the road this summer as I finally got a job. Still, the job means I have very little free time so its going to be painted in my local paint shop at a cost of 1100 euros.

This is the car before being sent off for paint. I replaced the boot lid as there was rust around the window. I found another black Celica in a scrapyard 30 mins away and he sold me the whole lid with spoiler and badges and brake light complete for 60 euros. He even gave me the fuel filler flap for free when I asked. So nice. In the photo below you can see the old boot lid in the background. It was so easy to fit, plug and play, although it was quite heavy and my girlfriend and I struggled to line it up. Used a wooden board to prop it open while she held it steady, and I tightened the bolts.

I finally pulled off the window trim and side repeaters. I have cleaned them up and they are waiting to be refitted.
I won't get to see the new paint until nearly October as I am going on holidays. I can't wait!
Yippee! Car has been painted! I just went to see it and this is what I found:

I left the car with all the parts to be painted in the boot. The painter didn't believe me. These Celicas are quite roomy you know?
So I set to work on the back of the car for some quick results. Stuck the lights back on, the Toyota badge and the brake light. That's my dog in the background.

Then I got to work on the nightmare front end. A design horror for sure. Putting on those 3 side nuts of the bumper was an hour long challenge.

Finally, I screwed on the indicators, clicked in the side repeaters and attached the fog lights.

I also changed to numberplate for a cleaner plastic one. The ABS plates are something of a novelty in Spain, and have only fairly recently become legal.

I still have lots to do. I need to screw all the under plastics together, and bolt on the freshly painted front splitters. Then attach the electric aerial, put all the interior plastics back into place and stick on the Celica and small Toyota badges.

A long time coming... but worth it! Hope you get some great use out of it this summer!
That looks great. I particularly like the work on the rear lights, I might have to have a go at polishing off all those marks from mine......hope I don't balls it up.

Nice job.
looks great! now drive it!!! smile.gif
Its great to nearly have it going again, and this time looking goooood. Still, there's some work to be done. This arrived in the post the other day:

A CV joint and the boot kit for the other side too. They aren't the same but I suppose it doesn't matter, they are from different manufacturers. I got them on which is all in spanish but is located in Germany. The box took about a week to get here to Barcelona, although I ordered it on Thursday and it was only sent on Tuesday arriving 2 days later by UPS Standard. The cv joint cost 50.37 euros and the boot kit for the other side 8.22 euros, including postage giving a total of 80.85euros. I just hope they fit!
Wow! I think I've struck gold here. I went on to and saw an ad for breaking a Celica. I saw it appeared to have leather seats, although this was not stated in the ad, and so I mailed the guy about the seats. He said the seats and door cards were 550euros. I went to see them today and lo and behold, not only were the seats real leather and stunning, but the door cards front AND REAR were covered in stitched leather. We settled at 400euros for the lot, and I went home a happy man with a boot load of leather goodies.
The leather is very good, only one tear in the drivers side, but they need softening and a new colour as there is a lot of sun fading especially on the top of the rear seats. I'm thinking of a BMW red colour would look good in my black car.

What do you guys think about the change of colour?

Left boot is inner & right is outer. Make sure when you're replacing them you put the metal ties on at the right moment so you don't have to remove it all again.
QUOTE (Rusty @ Oct 18, 2014 - 4:56 PM) *
Left boot is inner & right is outer. Make sure when you're replacing them you put the metal ties on at the right moment so you don't have to remove it all again.

Um, actually I bought them online and they are both supposed to be outer boots. The CV joint came with one, and so I got a separate boot as well. I think the inner boots are in ok condition.I didn't order the inner ones, though I probably should have.
I started cleaning the leather interior. Its pretty filthy. I don't think the previous owner cleaned them often - or at all!

These are the back seats, not so dirty really.

The door cards were very clean too, not much to do there.
The upper part of the door card is covered in leather with only the pocket and the handles not covered.

The front seats are very dirty. I'll upload pics of those later. I need to get the drivers side bolster repaired. I haven't found and unwelcome surprises, so I'm still feeling pretty good about the whole thing.

I'm still thinking about the new colour for the seats. I'm pretty sure deep red is the way to go. I don't think I can stomach this orangey tan colour. If it were a bit browner and paler, maybe.
that is some custom leather, pricy, but well worth it. looks comfy...
QUOTE (njccmd2002 @ Oct 21, 2014 - 4:38 AM) *
that is some custom leather, pricy, but well worth it. looks comfy...

Yeh I thought it looked a little too fancy to be stock. Someone must have been feeling very flush... I do hope it's comfy, I won't get a chance to try it out for a few weeks, maybe a month.
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