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Full Version: Wazzuu's Celica ST202
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Hello guys,

I read the forum from time to time, so i should start my own topic, i suppose, and introduce myself and my bitch. I'm from Serbia, and the 6th gen is pretty rare beast over here, but we take good care of them. Mine is a '95 GT, 2.0 liters/175bhp with a 3S-GE engine. Not much of work has been done, I've got aesthetics and basic mechanics finished and waiting for some springs, possibly H&R, they should do well with KYB Excel-G

However, I'll keep you posted of things I do, but until I put aside some serious money, it won't be much, since here in Europe all aftermarket parts are pretty expensive. Cheers smile.gif

Very clean! I forgot how tall these guys sit before being lowered lol. H&R will not do you wrong! Excellent springs!
Welcome! Nice color. biggrin.gif

Wish mine had the 3S-GE. It's soooo slow lol.
KYB shocks are really great, but Celi must sit down in order to improve heavy cornering and looks. But it will stay clean, that's for sure.

The color depends on the light actually, we call it cameleon effect here. It's a 752 color code if I remember correctly. Here is another picture where the color is completely different, accompanied with my friend's 1.8 ST.

I guess you're pretty lucky with getting a GT 2.0 Celica in Serbia... Up here in Slovenia we got only two options: to import one from Italy or Austria, or to wait forever until somebody decides to sell one (pretty rare opportunity).

GT-four is just not going to happen biggrin.gif Somewhere I found that only three exist here and two of that are crashed 2-3 times, other one is a rally.
You can import at least, we are limited to year 2000+ here, so gt4 won't happen either frown.gif
I did it... actually, the shop did it for me biggrin.gif and i am very pleased with the result, both the look and handling, beautiful drop all around and just enough for me..

Unfortunately, i noticed some clunking noise from the front end, just hoping that springs need some time to sit themselves right... If not gone till Monday, gotta get back to the mechanics and check all the torques and if the springs are sitting properly.. If you have any advice, i would be glad to hear some ideas...

It sits perfect, Would look even better with some 17s with 225/45... 215/45 is more readily available and not as oversized though. smile.gif

What did you use? Springs? Which?
I see you have removed the rear spoiler AND the side skirts. This some daring styling! Many would give their right arm to have GT side skirts.
I like the colour, it's very unusual. Looks great!
Yeah, i'm really satisfied with stance and handling now, and wheel size too, not planing 17s anytime soon. I used H&R 29964-1 sport spring with 3cm drop, but i have some issues with clunk noise, which i posted in suspension thread.

Unfortunately, '95 Euro Celicas didn't come with rear spoiler nor sideskirts, AFAIK, only hood spoiler and small front splitters.
Clunk noise has been eliminated! Celica sits аs it should now, handling is way improved.

Oh yes, I would very much like to lower my car 3cm like yours. It really makes it look more powerful and racy, without looking like a boy racer or losing too much originality. Looks great!
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