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For a long time thinking over бортовиком..all laziness было.И then he decided to write a little about her machine.
And so went.
Toyota Celica 1994, the engine 7A-FE 116 HP. 115 N/m, transmission C52, color 202 black, cast discs at 225 tires., Luke, proofreader headlights and even some advantages in comparison with the прулем. Food of course, but then I did not understand the celica. The main criterion for the purchase was left руль.Машина came from Germany in the distant 2002, came immediately to Moscow with a run of 42 000 km, and through the month of stay in перекупа fell into the hands of some of the Muscovite , who then surf the Moscow already 5 years. I had her in 2007 in July, i.e. I am the second owner in Russia
At the time of purchase it looked so...
Никако body kit all runoff. Status at the time was 5 with "-"
Random accident frown.gif


I wanted to GT-FOUR....thought and леворуких you will find...посталю ka I 3S-GTE to mono drive...looking for the hood from GT4 even bumper regbk Varis Extremor 205

But then gave up and буксам to 4th gear. Finally traded it on the C-one ST202

Sorry no pictures of the set. I went to him not молго(2-3 months) then a couple of animals it to me broke..outcome after knocked dog'll post later!Dog alive
Was installed drain on the time(winter)...(later were sold)
Next were purchased very rare ORIGINAL thresholds ZART original Japan(later were sold-too low,but cool)))

Restyled headlamps

Redid Daw under the right-hand driving

Was installed visor on the rear window. Very cool, but later removed it) lives In me a lot of change,tastes change all the time)


sending from Japan)

Collect separately spare parts

Transmission S53 from celica ST183

So it sounds ATIHO RACING...but what the noise(the camera is weak)+airport is don't judge строго.Звук quite can put the flute at all like Stoke will be.
were purchased all of the consumables for ТО100,repair kit steering racks,cable glands transmission

On the approach anthers drives
reception tube

and flywheel

anthers at the drive Masuma


bolt for transmission

Clear transmission

Replaced all the gasket seals

buy new) 10$ mad.gif

stock flywhell 6kg

The photo on the memory before the operation biggrin.gif

I decided to change the led light bulbs in the dimensions were white, like this(left-9 diodes), now those that right 28 diodes in one light-kind)
+1,5 HP biggrin.gif

look different!

front glass rotted due to beat the drainage hatch

Bought a piece of the roof, drilled in the points of welding, a lot of drills break, I made it!

the first experiment with a choice of color, got out the door,I had yet some of which boil metal

To get here this color. I do not stop, because the first option is not arranged

continue to repair

Painted tongue.gif

There should fly sparks and fire, but ришили not take the risk of fresh paint laugh.gif


radiator hydro power steering had to remake

collect on a little bit

glamur biggrin.gif

clean smile.gif

ECU manual transmission


(SL) AT transmission solenoid
(S1) AT transmission solenoid
(S2) AT transmission solenoid

RSD idle control
CF coolingfan
EVG airflow meter
VG airflow meter
NE+ position sensor (cam or crank)
NE- position sensor (cam or crank)

OD2 overdrive
A1 #10 Injector #1 Blue
A2 #20 Injector #2 Black-White
A3 #30 Injector #3 Black-Red
A4 #40 Injector #4 Black-Yellow
A6 (SL)
A7 (S 1)
A8 (S 2)
A10 IGT 1 Ignitor #1 Blue
A11 IGT 2 Ignitor #2 Red-Blue
A12 IGT 3 Ignitor #3 Blue-White
A13 IGT 4 Ignitor #4 White-Red
A18 RSD Idle Speed Control Black-White
A21 EO1 Earth (Engine) Brown
A23 OCV- VVTi White
A24 OCV+ VVTi Red
A27 KNK Knock Detector Clear
A28 CF Cooling Fan Green/Black
A31 EO2 Earth (Engine) Brown
B1 EVG Air Flow Sensor Earth Yellow-Red
B2 VC 5V + Red
B3 HT Oxygen Sensor Heater Yellow-Green
B4 PRG(EPV) Evap Purge Valve Pink-Black
B8 STA Starter Black
B9 ION 1 Ignitor #1 Signal Return Red-Black (Silver Spot)
B10 ION 2 Ignitor #2 Signal Return Red-Yellow
B11 VG Airflow Meter Blue-Black
B12 OX 1 Oxygen Sensor Beige(White)
B14 THW Engine Water Temperature Green
B15 G2+ Black-White
B16 NE+ Black-White
B17 E1 ISV Earth Brown
B18 E2 TPS Earth Brown
B19 ION 3 Ignitor #3 Signal Return Green-Black
B20 ION 4 Ignitor #4 Signal Return Light Black-Yellow
B22 THA Intake Air Temp Yellow-Black
B23 VTA Throttle Position Signal Black-White
B24 NE- Blue(ярко голубой-L)
C2 ( R ) Reverse Grey
C3 (2)
C5 TC Check Connector (12v) White-Blue(L)
C6 STP Stop light switch Green-White
C10 (OD 2)
C11 (PWR) patern select switch2
C12 (L)
C13 ACT Air Conditioning Creen-Yellow
C20 (NSW) Neutral Start Switch Black-White ?
C21 (MNU)
C22 SPD Speed Signal Orange
C25 AC1 Blue(L)-Black
D1 BATT Battery + Pink
D3 FC Circuit Opening Relay Green-Red
D6 W Warning Red-Black
D7 PSW Power Steering Pressure Switch Green-Yellow
D11 SIL Check Connector (Signal) Yellow
D16 +B Igniton(12v) Black-Red
D19 ELS Rear Window Demister Orange



the wires had to be lengthened by 0.8 meter

Trabl intake

Size not ok. I need an adapter under MAF
Fuel hose of high pressure was circumcised. Did the new with the old fittings
And buy 3" tube for MAF

new valve VVTi

adapter for MAF

wow nice work. Jealous of that custom fuel line. hope you got my private message

resize some of the pics. this thread takes forever. laugh.gif
I couldn't understand a word you said, but I didn't need to. I really enjoyed scrolling through your pictures thumbsup.gif
QUOTE (BonzaiCelica @ Nov 4, 2012 - 1:56 AM) *
wow nice work. Jealous of that custom fuel line. hope you got my private message

resize some of the pics. this thread takes forever. laugh.gif

Yes, got it!
Sorry for the size of the photo .... what is the most convenient for viewing?
QUOTE (delusionz @ Nov 4, 2012 - 3:14 AM) *
I couldn't understand a word you said, but I didn't need to. I really enjoyed scrolling through your pictures thumbsup.gif

Once again, sorry
Have not had the experience of live communication in English, so I try to write all through google translate. Short and sweet
Your communication too Nene always clear, still have zhorkon
On the topic. The purpose of the project to establish the maximum powerful aspirated engine. Turbo I had not considered, because the winter is very difficult to travel to Russia in the snow even on Beams.biggrin.gif
At the moment, nearly all car shows in good condition, the spring will be in full color.
How will the time I will add more photos.
Thank you show interest to my
Here I saw many MAF adapter designed HKS, but I have never seen on the market: (
My handmade worth the time. I would like to do as a team-mates.
Where to find a universal adapter or from other models?

looking good so far, where did you get the lamps?
I'd suggest you buy oem top half of the intake box like I sent you in the private message and then use the bottom part of the 5sfe intake box!!! The aftermarket kits don't run as properly as stock. If you buy the hks adapter like here. Your air to fuel ratio might be close to stock if you use this apexi intake filter.


I know that HKS filter no good biggrin.gif
I now have handmade intake adapter made ​​of 3 "(76mm) pipe.
Inner diameter unfortunately not measured it, but I think somewhere 72-73
With my adapter works well, but it's only temporary
Put spoiler SS3

Cooling panel-handmade

The next thing I did is a tachometer.
7A-FE on the signal coming from the ECU on the other.
IG-12 V
IG + 7V, it is a signal to the brain, the signal pulse. On all coil motors must be so!. Tramblernom on the motor, this contact is 12 volts.
To tachometer earned must be removed and the device itself jumper resistor. We look at the board on the back side, where the track. The tachometer is mounted and connected to the three-pin bolts. They are signed: IG - plus at ignition, E - earth, IG-signal from ECU. Old signal from the switch was 12 volts, with a new ECU 7.5 volts. Remove the tachometer and look at the upper contact IG-, it goes through a "waste" we crossed chip resistor. That is what is what we want to close the bridge! Putting it back and lo earn!

Celica meeting smile.gif

These photos can be seen. Are already restyled headlights
He graduated from the swap. Now, it was decided to bring the car up to the ideal.
I'll start with the suspension.
Were purchased Kyaba AGX adjustable shock
FRONT-4 severity level
REAR- 8severity level

You must see part number

for rebuild smile.gif

It is analog TRD.
wheel bearings Quinton Hazell QWB 766

ball-bearing Jakoparts J486024


drive shaft bearing-bearing

rings for drive shafts

FRONT engine bracket 12361-74400

REAR engine bracket 12371-74411

New hood C-ONE ST205
Recently began to notice that the carpet is not laundered after washing and wet. It was decided to open all and look.
It flowed radiator heater of salon, and more specifically the tube is in place the joint.

проклеил все щели, старый поролон выкинул
Beam and brackets torpedoes were in a small corrosion...strange why with plant it not painted?

My work place biggrin.gif

place of mess tin

chek tube)

Alloy passed exactly 50km, then antifreeze began to evaporate on the glass((( it was Decided to make out again, imagine what a pleasure is to remove/put torpedo biggrin.gif My torpedo was in a terrible condition. In Russia with the left rudder of a few of these machines, because they all go mainly I of the East, a small part of the Europe. Found torpedo under LHD smile.gif this time decided to clean tubes and metal, filled inside and from the top layer of tin, connected pipes for gas+sealant(U.S. production biggrin.gif )
polyurethane in the front suspension. Production Of Russia

Transmission flush, decided to remove it. Also make out the pendant one biggrin.gif for 6 hours. Took him to the workshop, opened the box of transfers, the wear on the shaft ((( Had to buy a new one with Japan. So was taken one swap transmission S53--->>>S54

The non-replaceable parts suspension decided to just paint for better appearance. Mopping-up, priming, paint, varnish


the exhaust pipe was jammed. Made repairs

Mandriva to the press - HANDMADE

polyuretan IN!


guide sleeves

Hubs were in ужастном condition. Had to clean up the metal. So I media bearings

Cleaning of the collector and the windings of the thermal tape



anticorrosive processing

Left drive S54 top, S53 the bottom. The difference in the length of the палок9около 3cm) the Drive is fully drunk, painted)

Right-hand drive I gathered from two(right and left).
The fact that the right drive shaft consists of two parts so right axis-this is the left drive!!!
Stick to the length of the same!
I did the following: he took a right-hand drive shaft with dead external grenade and killed right floor осью.
Buying separately left drive shaft with the internal grenade. And put it all.
So get the right drive shaft assy Front!
grenades are the same, too(right and left)
whoa. big update. The front subframe is so clean!!
Everything looks great so far!
Wow thats nearly impossible to think kyb agx are available for St202 how much are they where did u get them from. How do you adjust the fronts?
biggrin.gif This Russian, IS DOIN IT RIGHT!!!! thumbsup.gif

*tags @Rusty, @S8S8, @Bonzai, etc* tongue.gif
Fantastic job indeed, well done.
is that a tanabe front sway bar??? I'd say paint the whole car the color that you painted the engine bay that blue is sweet.

looks good so far thumbsup.gif

really loving the black exhaust wrap
QUOTE (BonzaiCelica @ Nov 12, 2012 - 2:18 PM) *
Wow thats nearly impossible to think kyb agx are available for St202 how much are they where did u get them from. How do you adjust the fronts?

KYB AGX bought in Moscow. Price for 4 shock absorber about$530.
Front driven shock are regulated under the hood, on the shaft of the 4 options rigidity, as the TRD.
QUOTE (BonzaiCelica @ Nov 16, 2012 - 12:20 AM) *
is that a tanabe front sway bar??? I'd say paint the whole car the color that you painted the engine bay that blue is sweet.

NO biggrin.gif It is stock bar painted in red=20mm diametr
The whole body will be the same as under the hood. But a little later
New silent blocks in the levers. Polyurethane. And all painted)))

and I buing new body kit original in Japan

Brake hoods very badly rusted, hands are not clean.
Put them in the acid)))

HDK not оригинал.Ring ABS no.
Remove unnecessary us standard ring

Remove several of ABS with the other and put in the new

Brake caliper laundered, put the new gum and painted

New springs smile.gif

Left stock-right Tein

Rear brakes are also completely new, pads hammer, rotors, key pads, caliper were rebuild, washed and painted. AGX+Tein

To be contunue...
Sorry for the quality of the photo, will go on to do only high quality pictures
NICE JOB!!! That's a lot of work, and I'm impressed. Thanks for sharing. smile.gif
Well done on the job so far, especially the attention to detail.

Great to see another Beams Celica coming together. smile.gif
My tachometer to 8000rpm redline and 6400-8000
In beams and tachometer to 9000rpm redline 7000-9000.
But bad luck, my scale has a black color, and beams - white.
Bought from the Japanese 3s-ge 3gen to 9000rpm with black scale, red zone 7000-9000.
From GT4 will not go out there like Red Zone 6800-8000.
On 3s-ge 3gen signal from tramblera, beams-imulsny.
It worked as it should, we need to remove the resistance coming from the legs of the chip. I have already

Its hard to follow what the OP is saying tongue.gif , but I'm dying to see more of this build!

I wish I had this kind of cash to drop on my Celica! kindasad.gif (so jealous)

yes I see they do offer kyb agx for our cars. just not over here in USA only in Europe and they are hard to find. But I believe they are a better option than koni yellow because the kyg agx sell you the complete rear strut so you can adjust it from the rear of the car by hand like so...

anyways is there an update???
Yes it is this adjustment!
And we do not have 6gc KONI in the sale, even springs.
Extension will be later smile.gif
Holy $%^& I'm impressed wink.gif

Russian really know what they're doing huh haha .. I'm also a BEAMS owner ..
Install OBD2
And so we have here is a plug-standard J1962
I took WV one.

It is in the salon at the driver's right foot (which is left hand drive, right hand drive it), next to the accelerator pedal

Pinout such (for Celica!)
4 - wire WB (white with a black stripe). Is the mass of J / C (mass number 2). Of the driver. Can be attached to the body safely.
5 - no
6-Br (brown). This refers to the SRS. My machine is 94 years old. Air Bags not. I will not put this wire.
For those who need it.
Here is the scheme of the book Legion-date. The nicest I've ever met.
Sorry, any picture an russian.

It can be seen that the contacts connected in parallel with the diagnostic socket DLC1
J / B № 1 is a mounting block number 1. In the photo in the previous post
Internal circuits I've checked. Too much detail will not paint.
Enough to throw a wire over here, orange chip 1D pin 10 (11-pin can have internal circuits).

Next, the contact goes in the internal counters and goes to the fuse under the hood HAZARD 10A.
I think it's worth checking out!

7-Y (yellow). Goes to a shoe cord D pin11. Ping called SIL
K-line ISO9141-2
That's it for data communication in the brain (ECU). But on the right handlebar is a dead issue, do not know why .... and sorry
We throw the wire on the chip brain D11.

8 missing

9-Gr (gray) goes to the brain chip from pin 27. Ping called TACH.
From it we get the engine speed.
Throw it on the C27 chip mogza


13-WL (white with a blue stripe) Pin called TS.
Needed for ABS and SRS
There should be 12 volts.
Wire goes into the mounting block number 1 on the chip 1J, 6-pin like a hand tylnoy unit will unscrew.
Use Contact Us also has a lot of internal circuits, but it is still all in the rear. Turn off the mounting block number 1 and pull the wire there.

14-WR (white with red stripe) goes to block ABS. This pin is called TS
Here 12 volts

pin may vary, depending on the year 8 or 6 or 21.
In my case, the pin 21 with 12.1997-...
278 pages legion date
Found by the color of the wires, it still goes to DLC1

15 missing

16-P (pink).
Wire goes to the fuse OBD2 7.5A, to pin 2 in the relay number 4.Dalee current flows through the fuse in the fuse box with a fuse vsatvok HEATER 40A (or 40A HTR), c him on the white wire (such as fat) to fuse ALT100A.
All this can be verified tester.
This is essentially the main power.
Here 12 volts
It is located on the passenger side (from the glove box), so I crawled, not removing.
All this can be done in an hour. According to my schemes.

OBD2 block I found from the trade wind, but it is some sort of bulky.
I will not try it.
In general, it is easy to find it in existential. About 600 rubles worth or buy a dismantling of beams.

When it all get, you can connect elm327 and screens all the errors on the CAN bus. By K-line is not working just right hand drive.

If you do not have SRS, ABS-throwing 3 wires safely.
Then when I started installing the wiring, I realized that they all come in "BC1" (in the scheme)
This Metal plate, which is located in the block Tonel shift.
3 chips on the bar, that's where all those wires.
And do not get right)))
A lot of programs to try, but they refuse to see the ECU. RHD. Our Russian programmer made ​​a program TECU, which sees the HD ECU.
Made a diagnosis, he found one error and correct the problem
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