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Hey Recently purchased a 95 St...Besides my intake everything's stock. Would love input on what I can mod for more performance. Pics of the car are on my Profile.
well first things first, you have an st tongue.gif
so don't expect any huge gains without a turbo setup or SC setup.
or nitrous but thats not a commonly traveled route here.

next comes SWAPS.
st swaps are very common, 4age, beams, 3sgte, 4agze, and the v6 is becoming more and more popular as well with a
variety to choose from.

but you can expect minimal gains from simple mods with the st. its not built for speed, you have to build it for speed on your own
in the above mentioned ways.

one thing all of us have had to learn is the search button is your friend, don't be afraid to test out the new found wealth of information
and glad to have you aboard! (;
There is nothing you can do for performance with the ST. Nothing. Well unless you count engine swaps or turbo, or NOS. Sorry to disappoint you, but it's just how it is. This isn't like Honda where you have an aftermarket.
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