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Full Version: advice!!
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i havent been active on the site for a while, because i've been short on funds and havent really needed the help of this site on my car, i just left it alone. now i've got a much better and more stable job, but my car snapped a timing belt and blew the head gasket. soon i'll be pulling the motor to do a timing belt/water pump job and head gasket. i'd also like to go ahead and do some internal work. my goal is around 200 FWHP out of my 5SFE. also, if possible, i'd like to avoid ripping apart the block for anything other than piston rings.
200whp out of a 5S basically comes down to forced induction. A small turbocharger or a decent shot of nitrous oxide will get you there. N/A something like 150whp is a much more realistic goal, via cams, a larger TB, header, exhaust and some tuning, for example.
all you could basically add on your own is intake, plugs, wires, cams, new internals, full exhaust system, and a tuning solution, so not sure im guessing all those parts would still less than 170 for sure. you can add clutch and flywheel just to make it feel more torquier. turbo is your closest option.
i'd rather avoid boosting my daily. already have my own intake routed to a hood scoop, exhaust, plugs, wires, and TB coolant bypass.
None of that will give you much, really. FI is the only way to go to 200whp without spending stupid amounts of money.
yup stupid amounts of money.

you could do EMS
Cams and some other internal work.
Gut the hell out of the car and throw on some sticky tires.
Thatll make it feel like it has 200hp
probably wont be more that 170

syaoran knows the deal, hes been cracking the 5s code haha
The thing about the 5S is that it's old. That means it's got no technology.

It's also a non-interference engine, which is bad for performance and good for engine life. I say this because most high-performance engines that have been produced are interference engines, either because they've got insane high-lift cams (like the 4G63 does compared to the 5S) OR the engine has stupid high compression, like most Honda performance engines, or both, like newer Hondas that are chain-driven and not belt-driven (K-series comes to mind)

If you want 200whp out of a 5S, you'll need pistons around 11:1 to 12:1 static CR, with cams bigger than 3SGTE HKS 272 equivalent with over 9mm of lift (like GSC Stage3 for 3SGTE).

You'll also need a 3S Head for flow optimization, which in turn will make you lose a lot of low-end torque (because the 5S head is designed for low end torque while the 3S head is designed for high RPM flow)

You'll need to be running on race gas because of the retarded cams and compression, and you'll need to make your engine fully sequential which requires a crank angle sensor, a cam angle sensor and a standalone engine control unit, a coil-on-plug system, a much larger TB, a better-designed intake manifold, larger injectors, forged rods, and way too many other things to keep writing them down.

On the other hand, a CT26 or CT20b, 460cc injectors, a 2-bar map sensor from a 2nd gen 3s, an Apexi SAFC-II , a 3sgte stock manifold and downpipe and an intercooler will all cost you less than $1000 if you know where to look, and you'll have over 200 crank hp and be faster than a stock MR2 turbo.

thanks much!!
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