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Full Version: Need advice
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Here's the low down.... i have a 94 GT. I replaced the valve cover gasket because oil was getting into my spark plug holes. Replacement went fine. I decided to replace the spark plugs and wires as well. I gapped the plugs to 0.44. Here's where things went wrong. When i replaced the wires, i forgot to mark where the plugs went in to the distributor for the correct firing order... i know, not smart. Also while switching them around, i broke what i read up on line to be the "tvv" or the bimetal vaccuum switching valve. Now, i believe i have the wires connected in the correct firing order but all it does is try to start and sometimes even sputter a bit. My question is, could the tvv be the cause (i heard it could run without it but it would run poorly) or did i mess up on the wire order or what. Any input is great.
Usually the wires are numbered (at least mine are) and it's also numbered on the cap of your distributor.
As for the tvv, you might want to fix that...
I'll check the wires but im not sure. Where on the distributor is it numbered?? I think I've checked... Whats the exact order, from bottom right to bottom left?
are you talking about the TVV for the charcoal cannister? if so then its not super inportant that you fix that right away. but follow the hose that goes up to the intake manifold. you need to cap it off because it will be a vacuum leak
This will be a helpful link. wink.gif

I got the car running finally. I was messing with the distributor and I tried the order I saw online for the 7A-FE motor and it started right up. Kind of surprised though... How could this be?? Also have another question... Is there a way to tell if your fuel pump or filter is going bad?? Since I got the car Ive been noticing a lack in power.
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