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Full Version: ticking sound from 7afe
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Okay.. my car is making a ticking sound.. when it just sitting there.. but when I push in the clutch it stop.. what could that be

A buddy of mine has a 95 with the 7a. He sent me that text today and I didn't know what to tell him.

Any of you guys have an idea?
My guess is Throw out bearing.
Throw out bearing would be when the clutch is pushed in the noise starts. When the clutch is pushed in and the noise stops it's the input shaft bearing.
Where is this input shaft bearing?
inside the thransmission
It's a bitch to replace and requires removal of the transmission.

Here's a picture of a transmission from a Honda with the bearing pointed out, close enough to give a general idea.

Given enough time the bearing will seize and destroy the transmission. Of course early symptoms are noise from the transmission when the clutch is engaged. More serious symptoms include it being harder to shift into certain gears, and with the car off sitting you having to push the clutch in to move through the gears.
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