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Full Version: Axle seals? part number confusion.
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O.k. Been online all morning searching for oem axle seals. Seems every site has a different part number. Want to replace the seals while the trans is out.

Hopefully someone can verify these numbers. 90311-34016 and 90311-25016

Had two different dealers give me other numbers. Dealer here is 40 miles away and way more than online.

Got 450.00 in replacement engine and almost 750.00 in new parts for it. the idea is to replace almost everything while it's out.

Sorry, 95 st, 5speed
This has been an iffy part number, I would take out the old seals and go to a parts store and match it with what they have in stock. I've ran into several problems where there is over 4 different seals and only 1 matches what your looking for.
Guess that's what I'll have to do. I looked for hours and never saw a good answer. Everyone had different numbers. Thanks.
Nooooooo get Oem seals I did that and regret it. Go to toyodiy and get it
get the rebuild kit, it comes with all the seals

click the blue button that says more info for a picture
I finally found a dealer that was able to send me the OEM seals. Also ordered the Rear main seal.
QUOTE (fatherof4 @ Apr 30, 2013 - 10:50 AM) *
I finally found a dealer that was able to send me the OEM seals. Also ordered the Rear main seal.

What's the labour on this? How much time?
I don't know what a shop would charge I'm doing it as part of my Rebuild.
OK. Just in case anyone has the same trans as me. 95st with C52 These part numbers are toyota 90311-34016 and 90311-34042
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