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Full Version: Clutch Kit Options for V6 and 3sge/3sgte swaps
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so since a v6 engine and a 3sge/3sgte engine are common swaps among members who want more power here is a thread that will be sticked. people are always asking what hybrid clutch can I use for my V6 swap or 3S engine. so to put this to rest without having to constantly repeat ourselves here we go:

The beams flywheel weighs 15 lbs and it's weight/contact area for the disk is more centralized and than the 3sgte flywheel (oem 3sgte flywheel weighs 19-20 lbs). if you look on toyodiy or you can see that the 1999 Celica SS-III 3SGE Beams Redtop and 1999 Celica ST204 5SFE, they share the same clutch disc part # 31250-20331

Also the 3SGTE Pressure Plate will not fit onto 3SGE Beams Flywheel!!

Option # 1 (using a 3sge/3sgte/V6 to S54 transmission) : 3sge flywheel and 5sfe clutch disc, 5sfe pressure plate and an OEM 5sfe release bearing will work just fine. OEM 5sfe clutch kit from you dealership for a beams motor will work but i feel as if it won't handle the power after a while. get a stage 2 aftermarket clutch kit

below is 5sfe disk on oem 3sge beams pressure plate

OEM Set up = 5sfe disk on 3sge beams flywheel

230mm Flywheel Surface Area and 5sfe disk is 225 mm. that's why 1999 ST202 beams and only 1999 ST204 5sfe clutch disk use the same part #

Option # 2 hybrid kit (using a 3sge/3sgte/V6 to S54 transmission) : 3sgte flywheel, 3sgte clutch disk with 5sfe spline, 3sgte pressure plate and OEM 5sfe release bearing.

below is a 3sgte disk with 5sfe spline and 3sgte pressure plate

this is the close up view of the hybrid 3sgte clutch disk with 5sfe spline. I ordered mine from southbend as I like that fact that they use Exedy parts for their clutch kits which are resprayed a different color. if you type in that part number on google you'll see that its used for a regular 5sfe clutch kit

3sgte pressure plate is 236mm circumference

Aftermarket Set up = 3sgte disk with 5sfe spline on beams flywheel. so you can see that a 3sgte clutch disk goes over the diameter of the 3sge beams flywheel.

Option #3 : If you are using an E153 transmission for your 3sgte or V6 engine. All you need to get is a 3sgte clutch kit from your preferred clutch company
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that looks like 238mm in DIAMETER
Does someone know if the clutch and pressure plate from the e154f is the same than the e153, when used with the 3rd gen 3s-gte?

*edit* according to the info I've found, it would be the same clutch/pressure plate for the two transmissions.
Does anyone know how much the s54 flywheel weights?
Just asking to see if the Beams flywheel would be worth while on a 5sfe w/ s54
@Bonzai Celica:
Nice guide, thx!
How much was that hybrid clutch disk at South Bend?
A 3sgte pressure plate will not work on a beams flywheel that's why I had to run to my friends shop nd get the lightweight flywheel from a 3SGTE...
the Hybrid Clutch Kit from South Bend Part #KYT11-HD is $262 which does include a release bearing, but as many have said and documented, buying an OEM release bearing is most safe.

I've put 40,000 street only miles and seems to be in okay condition. Its rated at 210 ft lbs and I never had any problems with it slipping, it always had good grasp and felt just a little stiff over stock.

im take a picture of the wear as soon as possible as i have it mated with a Chromoly Flywheel.

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