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Full Version: Filling Gas tank and spilling on the ground =_=
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So today I had an interview for a delivery job. Went pretty well. Went to a gas station to fill up my car afterwards and I just see gas dripping down. Played with the gas hose to make sure my tank wasnt leaking it wasnt just the pipe i assume which leads to the tank. So how much is this one gonna cost me. Im assuming it rusted out. (thanks chicago)
Depends which part of the pipe is rusting out and if it can be cut out and replaced with a rubber hose suited for gas/oil transfer.

Jack up your car and start investigating if you have hit the pipe or it's rust in an exposed section of the pipe. If no damage can be seen, remove the wheel and then proceed to remove the plastic shield behind it. As far as I remember you will need a 10mm socket and a phillips head.
If it's the middle of a straight section that can be just cut and replaced, take a metal saw and get to work. Don't you even think about an angle grinder making sparks around your fuel. biggrin.gif
I'll have to check out tomorrow, but I think the rubber pipe is 32mm internal diameter. And you will just need two brackets. I paid like $5.

Here is a picture of my pipe. Even tho I cut mine to relocate it, it's the same concept:

A saw :
Thank you!! I gotta get this done ASAP lol. This is probably a much better fix then getting ghetto with a clay bar haha
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