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Full Version: GT vs ST accelerator cables
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or are they different.
totally different. like 6 feet different
Thanks. That explains a lot
I wanted a shorter throttle cable for my GT4. Which should I go for? GT or ST?
The st cable does not fit a beams engine. I need a gt. So st may not work with gt4 engine
I do believe a GT or GT4 cable is required for a 3sgte motor

"Where do I start. Well, I pulled the wiring harness from inside the car out and layed across the top of the engine. I pulled the throttle cable, save it you will need it for your swap

This was referencing tearing down a ST205 clip for an AT200 swap
Why won't st cable fit onto 3sge motor?

I don't understand how Toyota made the throttle cable for st short and feed directly into firewall after it cleared the air intake pipe, but the gt had to have an excessively long cable.

There has to be a solution. Mine got semi burned by the header . I want a cleaner look. Any ideas?
Have you seen how long a GT4 throttle cable is?
Yes I have. But still doesn't my question of why st throttle cable is so shirt and gt is so long. on europe 7afe celica's they switch the cable over to feed into firewall directly like 3sge rhd setup. so why they couldn't do the same with 5sfe lhd is weird. to be continued...

Oh wait I know. The 5sfe is based of the 3sge. So since all 3sge are rhd, Toyota didn't bother engineering another plate on throttle body of 5s to save money. Am I right?
plus the ST has the cruise control mounted on the right motor mount, the GT cruise control is in the front of the radiator.
Who said anything about cruise.

Well 94-96 5sfe camry have the cable going directly over intake piping like the 7afe. Got to see if interchangeable with 6gc. Or if bracjet can fit into beams with slight modification and if cable is long enough
3SGE Beams

RHD 7afe (just saying...)

ok so this is about 85% sorted. still need your guys help. I know most won't do this, but if you want a clean look i don't see why not.

1ZZFE from 98-2002 Corolla

98-2002 Corolla 1ZZFE Throttle Cable Bracket

3SGE Beams (Left), 97-01 Camry 5sfe (Middle), 98-02 1zzfe Corolla (Right)

So the 5sfe camry and 3sge beams cable holder/thing that attaches to butterfly inside of throttle body has the same depth while the 1ZZFE sits a bit more shallow. Im pretty sure the 7AFE throttle cable should be long enough. the 1zzfe throttle cable is a bit too long since it sits near radiator on AE110 chassis.

also what are your thoughts on the springs retainer thingy that sits behind the throttle cable holder.

5SFE cable holder and 98-2002 Corolla Cable Bracket Modified!!

It barely clears the cable itself! I also found that the 5sfe throttle holder opens the butterfly inside throttle body all the way while the 1zzfe holder does not.However I dont think this is a proper bracket, it should be elongated by half an inch if cable ever needs adjustment. But you get the idea. Im still looking for another bracket.

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