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It took 6 months of searching, but I finally found another 6g to replace my Abby....

She's a 96 GT 25th anniversary No. 0455. 128,xxx miles, Autofail, tan top.

There are a host of issues that need to be fixed, as with any new used car, but this is what I found so far:

Driver's side axle
Driver's side wheel bearing
Poly bushings all around
Struts and springs
Fuel filler neck and gaskets
Wheels and Tires
Quarter Windows need adjusted
Door Cards
Deck lid leaks on the driver's side

There is some rust that needs to be addressed, but luckily it is still at the point where it can be fixed without too much trouble.

Once I get the steering/suspension fixed, I'll drive her like that for a bit to confirm that we're ok for daily duty, then we'll begin planning modifications.

I'll try and take more pictures as I get the opportunity. I'm just happy to be back in one. smile.gif
Glad to see you finally found another one! This thread is gonna be good.
So that's like your hut in the backyard? It's pretty much a tent on wheels after all.

Keep the steelies, get some trim rings powder coated matte white, paint the wheels body color. PIMP. Like permanent white wall tires for cruising slow.
paint it blurple and call it the buttloaf mobile? hahaha

looks like a good starter though. hopefully you can fix all those little things.
Stand by for upcoming junkyard runs! I'll let you know next time we head out to one of them. I can't wait to see what you turn this into thumbsup.gif :
Thanks guys!

Luke, you and Noberto really upped the game as far as fix-as-find rust mitigation.... I need to keep up!

Plus, I'm always down for a junkyard run smile.gif
that car needs v6 in it...
So any updates?
Yea, I had forgotten about Chris's hut!
Mmm that Celica is lovely. I hope to see some updates!
Hi guys, I've been off the board for a while as I've been completely wiped out by work (the real job).

Okay, so for an update....

That's right. Nothing.

Lily has a caster issue on the front passenger side which I think was caused by an accident with the PO. I'm not sure if it is something simple like an E-W crossmember or bent control arm. I replaced the axles in the fall and it all came apart and went back together without issue, so I'm doubting this is the case. My fear is that she has a tweaked frame.

If I happen across the crossmembers/suspension for basically free, I'll swap them out and see.... But for now, she will continue to be a DD.

Stacy has changed my direction on which car to focus my attention on, and the wagon appears to have won out. We've blown the car budget for this year already in preparing the car for this upcoming season, so there is nothing left to modify Lily. Maintain/Fix; yes. Modify; no.

So, unless this turns into a Sydney (wagon) build thread, this thread will merely be boring maintenance posts...

Sorry to disappoint.
Totally understandable. The wagon is certainly a more capable car. Keeping the 'vert as a DD and weekend cruiser makes more sense.
How much is the caster off by? When I dropped the 7th gen I was able to push my caster back in spec by forcing the subframe forward with a winch before torquing the bolts back down. There's some play in it against the body, the 6th gen is similar there to the 7th I'm sure. If it's not a big difference in caster between the sides you can slot the strut tower and lean the strut forward or backward to get the caster needed.
The caster is off on the bottom Jordan. So much so, that when I turn the wheel to full lock on the right, the wheel rubs the back of the wheel well. It's worn the liner through and shined up the steel real nice....

Now this ****er needs a rear hub because I screwed the threads up trying to get it out of the bearing without a press.
Got it, that's a huge amount of caster not a little. Some crappy insurance or cheap shop probably just compensated with a ton of toe on that one side to make it track straight instead of fixing it right.

So, there's a few front frames on at yards near you and all under $200. Even a few for GT's! I assume the vert and coupe use the same front subframe, search using engine cradle, I looked at 95 but all the 6G's are the same right?

Engine Cradle/Rear Crossmember
Toyota Celica Front,2.2L,MANUAL TRANS-182K 15% RESTOCKING FEE A JDS110806 $75 Shaw's Auto Salvage & Repair USA-WI(Warrens) Request_Quote 608-372-3164/800-471-9164
Kinda what Bitter said. If the caster is off that much the control arm and/ or ball joint would be my first choice, I would then lead towards the cradle. BUT if you were to get a alignment print out & post it up that way we could determine how far off all the numbers are.

I've seen bad caster #'s to were the control arm is ok but the strut might be bent and/ or twisted.
Cradle, control arm, ball joint, inner/outer tierod, and pair of new front struts with top mounts.
So, I should've just done the 5x114 conversion when I did the rear wheel bearings.... My driver's front wheel bearing gave up the ghost and toasted my front tire in the process. Now I'm waiting on new bearings for the front to get her back on the road.

I also ordered replacement brakes all the way around.

The bearings, coupled with the brakes, new struts/springs, and lower control arms; maybe I'll start enjoying driving this thing again.

I've also decided that I need a manual swap bad. I don't know how you guys with autos deal with it. I'm sooooo booooooored.


Well w/ an auto you can at least text & drive.
I deal with the auto by just listening to good music and telling myself that I don't need a stick for the 3 mile commute I make.

manual swap? I sense a junkyard run in our future
I have a lead on a pretty complete parts car in Elkhart... Maybe we make some time Luke?
QUOTE (bloodMoney @ May 4, 2015 - 8:00 PM) *
I have a lead on a pretty complete parts car in Elkhart... Maybe we make some time Luke?

I'd be down
What the hell did you do to the baby wagon?
Now it looks as good as it goes smile.gif
you're gonna scramble that poor kids brain (that somoan sperm is strong swimmers bruh)
QUOTE (bloodMoney @ May 4, 2015 - 10:10 AM) *
#4SS #fourstarsociety #lancer #sportback #ralliart #jdmchicago #slammed #bagged #mitsubishi #lulz #wagon

Phiksed that for ya.

Gotta love the insta tags smile.gif
I gots a 460 Big Block, fit no pro'lem biggrin.gif

I'll go see if anything is left of my.... anyway, if there's anything,
What would you want pics of that might come in handy?
Radiator & mounts were almost brand spankin new, susp was gone,
Tires were a bit more than a year old, maybe 10,000 miles on em.
Gas tank bad. Trans was good, 5 speed.
Remember, I have not learned what can swap from pre-face, GT,etc...
It was a 94 ST....... frown.gif
Anything, LMK & I'll check on it. I'm off tomorrow & Thursday

( edit )
Inner doors??
QUOTE (bloodMoney @ May 4, 2015 - 11:10 AM) *
I've also decided that I need a manual swap bad. I don't know how you guys with autos deal with it. I'm sooooo booooooored.

I mean, if your state doesn't require OBDII testing for a 96+ car, I have everything you need for a manual swap, the wiring is for a 1994 though.
Unfortunately, the state does do emissions where I am. Otherwise, I would've just dropped a V6 in it and called it a day.

Edit: I need to read the how to again....
as long as you have all the emissions monitors cleared you're good to go, so just swap over the cats (or use foulers) and get the EVAP system working and good to go.
THIS STUPID CAR! Although, I should really blame the PO for neglecting it.

I just need the damn thing to work....

Pulled the knuckle yesterday and the hub was falling out of the bearing. The outer race damaged the hub so bad, that now I need to source another hub.

Do any of you local guys have a front hub that you wouldn't mind parting ways with? I need to get this done quickly.

I'll post pics tonight, but I'm surprised the car held together for me as long as it did.
Sounds gay.

These guys are located in gurnee, near six flags. Their inventory shows 2 6th gens, but there are usually more
Looks like it's Jake to the rescue. I'm going to get it tonight.

What a pain in the ass.

Luke: that's where I got the spare rear hub I needed. I like that one smile.gif
The car is back on the ground and seems to be driving alright. Luckily, Jake had a full knuckle that we wasn't using, so I just slapped that on the car to get me back on the road. When I have more time, I'll take the car down to do the brakes, control arms, and bearings the correct way.

I'm in a crunch for time because I have an issue with the wagon and need to get resolved more urgently.

Anyway, Thanks again Jake for the quick save!

The old hub:
Looks just like the MKII MR2 we had at the shop, inner bearing race spun badly and for a long period of time.
Welp, as most of you have seen on FB, I've hurt another one.....

I'm going to try to fix it, but I haven't really gotten into it to look at what it needs. Hopefully its just the door and quarter panel....

The other guy:

He missed the rocker, so we'll see....

To top it all off, she only has liability coverage, so if I fix her, it's coming out of my pocket.

I think I'm going to be taking a break from 6gc's for the moment....
That sucks. Hopefully you can fix it
still sad seeing this.
but you're right. he did miss the rocker so it's not as bad as it could be....
So wait... The other person didn't have insurance? If that person just had liability your car is covered under their insurance.
Damn Chris that really sucks. Let me know if I can help
Liability means if she hits something they pay to fix what she hit but not to fix her car. Say she hits a tree, her insurance would pay the property owner to replace the tree but she's on her ****ing own to fix the car. Her insurance may total the car, that happened when my Geo got rear ended. I walked away with $2,200 after the 'buy back' of $300. You're almost better off if they do that because you should get more money. Now, not that I need to say this but please go get your neck and back checked out. If there's medical issues you need to get it looked at ASAP because her insurance will try to bounce if you wait to get looked at. If they give you any ****ery just tell them it didn't hurt till the next day from the adrenaline or something. Odds are you're fine but sometimes things get damaged and they don't hurt right away, and that wasn't a love tap.
It'd be nice if the accident was placed as their fault.

Unfortunately, I'm the one who got the ticket for failure to yield, because I was coming out of a parking lot and, by law, they had the right-of-way. So, it's going to be my insurance that pays for their car, and I get the shaft.

I just couldn't/didn't see them. It was an accident in the truest sense of the word.
That happened to me in the Geo. We all just assumed it wasn't your fault cause we like you. smile.gif
QUOTE (Bitter @ Aug 29, 2015 - 4:48 PM) *
That happened to me in the Geo. We all just assumed it wasn't your fault cause we like you. smile.gif

Group hug for Chris at the next meet he attends.
Got the door opened up today....

The part of the door that I'm positive saved my life...

Door is off:

Door Jam Damage:

I think I'm done with this car, I'll "fix" it so that the door and top close, but as soon as funds are available, I'll be picking up something else.

I need to give the 6g's a break... I've only killed 2 in the last 3 years....
Put a net on it like a Jeep.

What you going to get?

Put a '94 Toyota pickup on bags!
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