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Full Version: Camry s51 5th gear swap
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Guys, this is something I've been interested in doing for a while now. The s54 is a high reving tranny and that's fine for around town driving but on the highway being in 5th gear always seems like there's too many RPMs.

Solution : swap in the 5th gear set from a Camry s51 - cost, less than $200

I did a bunch of searching on the MR2 boards (and even here) and there wasn't much concrete info, just people talking about it. Some say they did it but info wasn't really clear. I then looked up some part #s and ordered a 5th gear from a Camry/Solara, got the gear and on a spare s54 at Manny's we checked out what needed to be done.

Then I found this
That link confirmed everything I thought and he gave a great how-to, better than mine will be.

So with the Camry 5th gear set (the 5th driven gear and the 5th gear) me and Stef went to it on the s54 in the Beams.

First, this isn't simple. It's not very difficult but it's not a 10 min job either and there was one special tool needed other than normal tools we had in the garage and that was a puller for the syncro and driven gear. Stef borrowed the SST from the dealership, so we had no problems there.

We weren't going to pull the tranny for this so we did the 5th gear set swap with it in the car.
We put the car on jack stands, took off the driver's side wheel, under plastic, drained the tranny oil, and turned the wheel (hub) all the way to the left for easy access for to the end of the tranny.

took off the 12mm bolts holding the end cover on and separated it

that's what it looks like in there

First, remove the selector arm (12mm)

no selector arm

removed the span ring holding the syncros and 5th gear

with the SST (special service tool) we removed the syncros, being careful not to separate them, they can be a pain to put back together

Syncros out

Slide off the 5th gear and the 2 needle bearings (pictured)

Next is removing the driven gear. The nut has a crimp (pictured), I wedged a screwdriver in and bent it out, and the 27mm nut threads are reversed.

Used a puller to remove the 5th driven gear

Now the new gears Yeaha !
The s51 5th gear is a larger diameter than the s54 5th.
The s51 driven 5th has a smaller diameter than the s54 driven.
You can't just change one, you have to change both for everything to work.

now with no 5th gears in there, we put the Camry driven gear on using a hammer and socket, then slid the Camry 5th gear with needle bearings onto the other shaft.

This is now the hard part. Putting the syncros on without them popping out all over. We held the back of the syncros and hammered/socket it on, then pressed the 5th gear against the back of the syncro, and got it in place. The back of the syncro has 4 tabs, they fit inside 4 holes in the gear, make sure you put the syncro on with the tabs/holes lined up or you have to pull it back off and align. Re-installed snap ring.

5th driven gear, 5th gear, and syncros on

selector arm back on and ring lined up

We used FIPG sealant and Stef put the cover back on

Waited an hour for the FIPG to dry, refilled the tranny (24mm fill and drain), under plastics back on, and went for a drive.

Here's the before and after

BEFORE - s54 80mph about - 3800-3900 rpms

AFTER - s54 w/Camry 5th gear set - about 3300-3400 rpms

About a 500rpm difference from before. Shifting from 4th to 5th the rpms drop down 1000 now.
Again, my how-to isn't the best (the twobrutal link I posted at the top explains things much better than I did).
Stef will probably post a couple pics too.

Questions and comments, post em up.

keywords :s54 s51 e51 e153 Camry Solara fifth 5th gear gearset beams taller longer transmission #boompow smile.gif
Good stuff. I'll add this to the stickies when I get home. thumbsup.gif
It's a good idea, I don't understand why so many gearboxes insist on staying so close for 5th and sometimes the 6th gear. When you're racing it you'll never touch the top gear unless your car has a lot of power and there's one hell of a straightaway. I see this being a worthwhile modification, should save some fuel and wear.

What's it like around town?
It should be around 1,500 at 35 mph and 2,300 at 55 mph now, given the torque-y nature of the 5S I imagine it probably does fine.
Gears 1-4 are not changed.
I only changed 5th gear.

This only makes 5th gear longer and like box said pretty well, it will save fuel and wear.
Oh man. I need this. I do a lot of hwy driving and this could save me some serious gas. Lol.
I felt that even the ST could do with a lower overdrive, so I know the GT definitely does. Comparing the Celica and Camry mpg ratings, should be able to get at least 2 more mpg out on the highway. This would be a good project to tackle when it's time to change out the gear oil anyway. That or if you have synchro grind you can do a full rebuild along with the new 5th gear.
awesome job.
Nice work, this is really great info.
would this have similar effect on a 1mzfe with the s54?
QUOTE (CAcelica29 @ Jun 8, 2014 - 8:55 PM) *
would this have similar effect on a 1mzfe with the s54?

It doesn't matter what engine, 3sgte, 3sge, 5sfe, 1mz, ect, swapping this Camry/Solara 5th gear set into the s54 will lower the rpms in 5th gear by about 500.
Good write up dustin. Did you use your original syncros or replace them? Wasnt clear on that or i just missed it.

Good write up dustin. Did you use your original syncros or replace them? Wasnt clear on that or i just missed it.
thumbsup.gif great photo guide
I used my original dual syncros.
They didn't look worn at all, so I didn't see a need.
Just replaced the gear and driven gear.
Now just document the fuel economy difference, its like having a 6th gear!
Wow I was overwhelmed just looking at the pictures laugh.gif
Solid write up though!

How does this feel power/acceleration wise compared to before?
What is the difference between 5th gear and 5th drive gear?
I've been wanting to do this and write it up, thanks for saving me the time,. Now I can just duplicate what you did...

For everyone that has asked, this doesn't affect the performance in the least while in the first 4 gears. It only makes the 5th gear "heavier" so to speak, which will allow you to run at the same speed with less RPM.
This is huge, especially for guys that have beams, 3rd gen 3s, or v6 with the S54.
the diffrence between 4krpm @ a little over 80mph, or 3500 rpm @ 80 dont sound like alot, but trust me, it is.
i cant wait to do this on jenns car!
great work dustin & steff!!
So I drove the beams for the first time since the new fifth gear yesterday. Went to New Jersey and back on one tank of gas. I did not try to save gas, I drove normally, about 80mph most of the time, some minor traffic, downshifted to fourth and played around a few times. Filled it up this morning and it was 34.1mpg. We have gotten that before while driving out to the Midwest meet last year but we were trying pretty hard to do that. Next time maybe I'll try for best mpg but that's hard to do with the beams, it just wants to play.

On a side note, I was actually a little against this mod cause I really don't drive on the highway at all and I was apprehensive about opening the tranny for something I didn't see a need for. But Dustin does a lot of highway driving and he wanted to so I went along with it. That being said, after driving the car, it's pretty f-ing awesome! It's like a totally different car, so calm for cruising but all the fun still available to you. I really could not think of a downside yesterday.
Thanks a lot for that information. Finally someone found the solution to our problem. I always wanted to add a 6-speed tranny box to my celi. Going at 4krpm at 80mph is no fun with the engine screaming. Now I'll have to wait until the clutch wears out smile.gif
Actually the 7th gen with the 6spd tranny is a little higher rpm than the beams is now.
looks like a lot of work for such a minimal drop in RPM's. Is there a bigger 5th gear out there that could drop it significantly. Or a 6 speed tranny that would fit a 5sfe engine. Just saying...
Looks like a good upgrade for top speed for the gt4.
im going to do this when I put the V6 in Amy's car. Ill add pics then. Ill also take a before and after pic of the speed and RPM like Dustin did
Does any one know the full gear ratios of the camry compared to the gt-four?
I personally think all my gears are too short.
Ray, this basicly uses the same 5th gear that's in the e154f. So no improvement for you guys.
we did the swap on jenns car a month or so ago, huge imrovment.
I'll post more about it and pics when i have more time.
QUOTE (presure2 @ Aug 25, 2014 - 10:26 PM) *
Ray, this basicly uses the same 5th gear that's in the e154f. So no improvement for you guys.
we did the swap on jenns car a month or so ago, huge imrovment.
I'll post more about it and pics when i have more time.

Oh thats a shame. frown.gif Ive always felt that im shifting like FATF endlessly and when I build a new more powerful engine its gona be worse popping through the gears in town.
QUOTE (Batman722 @ Jun 8, 2014 - 5:59 PM) *

I noticed you're not using the plate that goes under the front engine mount there... how come?
It's a front mount from an ST.
The same as a GT but no awkward plate underneath.
Interesting that they're interchangeable like that.
Awesome write up! thank You Dustin.

Question: I have a 96 ST with 7AFE (I have a manual transmission, C52? Not sure). Can I do this swap on my gearbox?

I do a lot of highway driving and it stays close to 4K RPM at 80 to 85 MPH.

Thanks in advance.
just s54 tranny..
Are you saying that this swap is only doable on S54 and not on C52?
QUOTE (msk59 @ Oct 7, 2014 - 10:43 PM) *
Are you saying that this swap is only doable on S54 and not on C52?

that is correct.
I havent confirmed this yet but i have the ability since i have a 7A and a C60 (7th gen 6 speed) here. if the C60 bolts up then you might have an awesome alternative for the ST
that would be a very nice. Please keep me updated. I would love to have a 6 speed in my ST.

the other question I have is Will s54 fit a 7AE without modification or axles are different?
The C60 from a Celica or s54 won't bolt onto a 7AE.

You Might be able to use a C160 used on the 4AG
actually a C60 will be close
Cannot wait to see Smaay's install
i just have a 7A and a 7th gen trans laying here, i haven't had a chance to see if they mate up
QUOTE (Smaay @ Oct 9, 2014 - 7:45 PM) *
actually a C60 will be close

Nice! Can't wait to see how close
Back from the dead, someone sticky this please.

Does anyone know how similar this swap is to a MR2 Sypder C5x 5th gear swap? I can't find a good how-to posted for that one.
back from the dead again!

What's the part number for the SST? Gonna see if a buddy of mine at the Toyota dealership can bum it off from one of his techs. Or are the synchros threaded and I can just use a standard crow's foot puller to get it out?

Needle bearings and clips are reused?
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