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Full Version: My MKIV Supra RZ
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I've been lurking on this forum for a while and haven't been all that active. I decided to start this thread as I know a lot of other members also have Supras and these threads often handy. I bought this car 4 years ago now since then it has change quite a bit. I did what I could which was only the small stuff, most of it not listed blow (stereo, seats, bolt ons, light refurb, etc.)

So when I bought the car it was fairly stock and only had a few BPU items:
Greddy Intercooler (from an r32 skyline kit)
Greddy Boost Controller
Cusco Coilovers
Mines Exhaust
Defi gauges

The car wasn't in the best shape, the paint was mismatched, it had a broken(cheap) frp bumper, cheap wheels and rubber, also the greddy intercooler had seen better days. Mechanically everything checked out and it was running fine.

A break down 3 years worth of stories into a sentence and list of current parts. Stock(320hp) to BPU (400whp) to APU (700whp) = broke

Current Parts List

AEM Meth Injection Kit
Custom 5" intercooler by Dynamotorsports
Titan Motorsports Street Intake Manifold
GSC Beehive Springs and Retainers
GSC S1 Cams (269)
Titan Motorsports Cam Gears
Sound Performance F1 Exhaust Manifold, Open Dump
4" DP/MP combo
Precision 6466 1.0AR Divided (DBB)
Sound Performance HD Titanium Quick Spool Valve
Two Tial Wastegates
Tial BOV
4" Stainless Piping to Varex Muffler

Sparco Milano Suede Seats
New Black Base Carpet with Floor Mats (Ordered)
TRD 300kph Speedo and 10k Tach

Repaint OEM Colour(minus engine bay)
Shine Auto Project Ridox Replica Kit
1998 OEM Headlights, Taillights, Turn Signals
TRD Strut Bar
CCW D110's 18"x10"F, 18"x11.5"R
Toyo R88's 285/35F, 315/35R
Wilwood 4 Piston Kit Front and Rear

ClutchMasters Stage 4 clutch with OEM Flywheel
TRD Differential

When it was all said and done it put down 715whp on 94 pump and meth/water. Videos and dyno graph below.

Originally my list was much shorter but you guys know how it goes. Below are some pictures from oldest to newest. High quality links if available will be at the bottom of picture.

Pic with all cars in the purchased form

Engine bay shot, a couple months after I owned it

BPU with XXR's

With my buddies RX7

HQ Link

Glamour shots

Updated Engine Bay Pics

HQ link

HQ Link

Pictures from shows and meets

HQ Link

From last month

HQ Link

Last but not least here are some videos:
BPU Exhaust video
Varex Muffler Demo (Skip to 1:20)
Tuner's Video

Link to Dyno Graph

You guys will be happy to know I have started the task of reviving the Red GT-Four in the first picture. I will be starting a project thread for that one.

Thanks for taking a look!
Looks good! How do you like the 6466?
QUOTE (richee3 @ Aug 20, 2014 - 2:02 PM) *
Looks good! How do you like the 6466?

Thanks Man! I really like the 6466. I wish I had tried others to compare it with. It spools pretty quick, it's great for the street. Around 4600-4700rpm the quick spool valve is opened and it's basically full boost. I couldn't imagine what it would spool like with e85 tongue.gif
I'm thinking pretty seriously about a 6266 when I get there. I'm a long way off from going single though. Gotta say, I'm jealous of your driveway. I'd love to have a GT4 parked next to my Celica and Supra, and you've got two 'Fours.
What he's not telling you is that his house is the tent next to the three cars......

Worth it! Lol
One of the best sounding exhaust manifolds in the supra world. Very clean car!
QUOTE (SupraKid @ Aug 29, 2014 - 6:10 PM) *
One of the best sounding exhaust manifolds in the supra world. Very clean car!

Now I wanna hear a sound clip of this car. I love some 2JZ noise.
QUOTE (richee3 @ Sep 8, 2014 - 10:35 PM) *
QUOTE (SupraKid @ Aug 29, 2014 - 6:10 PM) *
One of the best sounding exhaust manifolds in the supra world. Very clean car!

Now I wanna hear a sound clip of this car. I love some 2JZ noise.

The F1 manifold gives it a pretty great noise when she heats up. I will put together a little video this week smile.gif
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