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Here's a discussion thread for those who are following the 2014 F1 series (I know I'm a little late posting this thread)

I've been watching all the races this year & been following the Mercedes Petronas F1 Team (Hamilton & Nico)

The big news that I only heard before was Vettel leaving redbull and (likely) heading over to Ferrari for 2015.

Anyway should be an interesting race tomorrow.
I am a big fan of Formula 1 and mostly root for Massa. He is doing good with Williams. I get up in the middle of the night to catch the qualifying and the race when it is over in Asia or Australia. Vettal and Alanso may leave. I think Ferrari has not put a competitive machine out and Alanso is just wasting his time with Ferrari.

Well Just watched the Suzuka qualifying and surprised to see Alanson leaving Ferrari and Vettal goes to Ferrari. Vettal gave 4 championship to Red Bull and this is what they rewarded him with! Actually, I heard he announced that he is leaving Red Bull.

damn rusty, only like 14 races too late!

i just got really seriously into f1 over the past 1.5 yrs.

Obviously, anyone who knows me knows its inevitable that i would be a redbull fan! lol

i cant imagine myself rooting for ferrari next year, so i guess its time to jump on the riccardo bandwagon!

mercedes clearly have the superior car this year, we'll see what next year brings for sure...alonso back to Mclaren?!
I'm very excited about this season! Sure, the Silver Arrows have been dominating, but Rosberg and Hamilton have made for some great neck-and-neck racing.
I'm very impressed with Ricciardo's meteoric rise. Three podium wins on his first year!
I'm also very excited about Alonso moving to McLaren for 2015, especially since Honda is coming back next year to make engines for McLaren again! Lots of big things happening. I frequently root for Alonso - I love his aggressive style of driving. I'm loving Ricciardo this season
It is absolutely terrible what happened to Bianchi this weekend, though.
I was a bigger Nicco fan until more recently. He's a great driver but still immature.
Hamilton is doing amazing for the hand he has been given at Mercedes.

Vettle is going to Ferrari and that kind of makes me sad, but I'll always be a Vettle fan.
Riccardo is fast and more time at RedBull then faster he'll get. I see him competing for the title in the next two years.

Poor Alonso is making the best of a poor car, which if you think about it is pretty darn impressive. However, Ferrari needs to really do some work and get that horse prancing again. With the team change ups and driver switches its going to be fun in the Ferrari paddock.

BUT the headliner of the season......MARTINI RACING! First off they have beautiful cars. Secondly, both drivers are really pulling some weight and turning in good results fairly consistently. Botas is a shocker on this team really, he's done a great job driving and look forward to seeing more from him this year and next. They should have a pretty good result for them as far as constructors points going and good experience for the team this year. Looking forward to this team next year to really shine
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