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Full Version: Help needed on st202 conversion
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Hi all new to group I was told that you guys may be able help me out on here.

Well where do I begin I had recently brought my 2nd st202 import 6th gen and then the problems started. Took it to garage to be professionally fixed and after a bodged helicoil and swarf in my engine she was no more. Now being my daily I needed to get her up and running again quickly. I have three more weeks till I lose mg hire car to finish her and when the pars came up for the conversion and the seller advising me how easy it was to do I thought why not let's convert her. I will lost all the parts I have been given and any help or known problems I am going occur etc then all hell and advice will be greatly appreciated guys.

I have the following

Rev2 3sgte engine out of a jdm import
All wiring loom and sensors on engine also
The cars gearbox which I have removed as no can run on my standard st202 for now
I have the turbo and a spare
Two different sized intercoolers also bit stuck there ?
Full down pipe , modified manifold and decat pipe

I need to know wether te existing wiring from st202 can fit or if need to run whe new loom off new engine.
Also in regards to intercooler what one do I use and can I use standard for now until fit a front mounted at later date ?
And also any other snags or problems or pars I will need along the way.

I need her running at the moment for commuting work and at later date will play at modifying for bhp etc smile.gif

Thanks in advance people

are u using an english translator, are u in the US.

here you will find some info...

the second generation 3sgte, is hard to swap, have you ever swapped before?
No Im based in the uk.

And no never done the swap before like said was told by seller of the engine and all parts how easy it is and it's a simple bolt on bit already starting to see that this isn't the case at all. Thanks for link will take a read smile.gif
it be simpler to swap a rev 4 3sgte. the mechanics are not hard, but if you are in the uk, either you do the wiring, or pay someone. Here the us theres a couple of guys that do it. The 2nd gen wiring, and the a/c are different, even for idle up, youre going to have to do a lot of reading.,
As far as bolting it in, the 2nd gen 3S is a direct fit for your ST202. The wiring will be a big issue. You'll need to modify the wiring to work in your car. You'll be able to use your trans and axles, but the clutch setup will depend on whether you have an E56 or S54 trans. Overall it's not a bad swap but you'll need to pay someone to do the wiring unless you're brave enough to tackle it yourself. It's around 200 hp, so a lot of cost for not huge gains.
Can you not do a complete loom swap including ecu and sensors, or is there issues with that then? Deleting the aircon first.
ok. the big issue with the wiring is that, you want to swap your apartments wiring, to bring it to your new house. You see its impossible without serious modifications.

Thats why its easier to modify your existing engine wiring and coupling it with the new swap wiring.

the plugs in the engine may be similar location, but the junction to the body are not. the 6th gen celica uses three plugs in the center console, the II1, II2, and IJ1. And the junction fuse box, the DLC1 and the EA1 plug in the engine bay. Which are particular to the 6th gen.

you would have to rewire the engine harness to these plugs, so that you can use the engine.

Thats the intricate portion of the swap. lagos did this in one of his posts.

so its doable, but you need to do a lot of legwork

like me, im wiring an engine to do this..

the wiring in this particular is more complicated, but still, have to make it to plug into the celica.

the second rev 3sgte, does not use an idle up ecu pin to increase idling, when u use the aircon, it uses a vacuum valve.
I have a converted engine loom if you're interested. Dont know if theres a major difference between jdm and oem spec. Mine was a oem loom from a st185
QUOTE (nsxtypeR @ Dec 24, 2014 - 2:21 AM) *
I have a converted engine loom if you're interested. Dont know if theres a major difference between jdm and oem spec. Mine was a oem loom from a st185

Hi how much was you looking at for the converted loom please ?
Pm send
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