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Full Version: White 1994 ST205 for sale in Chicago area
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Looks very similar to mine but it is not mine and i do not know the owner
Price is way to much for this car especially considering blown engine even if has extra .
I am in my 40s so maybe just old man talking but if you have 18k to blow on a
20 year Celica with blown engine then plenty of much better cars to buy out there.
Similar car here in UK would cost you about $3000 with blown engine.
It is a lot of extra $$$ for US road legality
Car worth 10k tops
If you going to ask top dollar for a car then you better have tons of pictures of entire car inside and out and professional sounding ad .
Oh and it probably should run excellent !!!
Posting on Craiglist and stating don't like price then beat it tells me a lot about owner .
I guess per his own words he will be rebuilding it lol.

For 20k depending on where I was and who I knew I'd see if TRD-GT4 still has his car available for sale lol.

Probably still low for that car but its THE GT-4 to get.

Track ready museum showpiece basically.
The rumor is that this car is vin-swapped, hence the 'legal' claim.

Hell, I'm local and I wouldn't touch it. I should go take a look just to see what's up.
I won't say he's asking too much, because to be honest you can put whatever price you want on a car you're selling. I will however say that for $18K you can buy something that is far better and guaranteed to be road legal. Most importantly you can afford the luxury of going through a toll booth or grabbing fries in the drive thru without a wingman laugh.gif
Not worth it. Period. Guy should live in colorado.

Blown engine and a spare engine laying around. Sweet. For 18k, I expect to turn key and drive off with happiness.
Yeah.....for $18K and all that sweet, sweet jazz it has going for it, I'll keep my Supra....
18k for a Vin swapped car and an attitude like that.. He can keep it.
It takes a lot to blow these engines. Wonder what he did to it
Asking $18,500 obo if you dont like my price try finding another street leagal gt4 celica in usa!

even the word legal was misspelled purposely
There have been 2 white ST205s on Ebay in last 5 years
Both in Cali and one was cut in half and rewelded horribly so it would roll
Wonder if it is either one of those.
10 years ago i used to feel special owning my 205 in states. Not anymore, LOL
but you are still special. you were our first one...
Mystery solved .
This is chop shop special that was on ebay few years ago .
Sold for $3800 . Car was cut in half and rewelded together.
Just from pics( on CL ad that is now deleted ) looks like
solid repair but who knows.
how are we sure this is it...?

C-One hood, facelift wheels and TRD spoiler on a white ST205 in the USA.... I would bet money on it (a lot) being the same.

Good find Forgmann. Now that is the sort of information you would hope sellers would provide when selling a car. You know, since we value our lives and all.
QUOTE (njccmd2002 @ Jan 5, 2015 - 7:51 PM) *
how are we sure this is it...?

I am not 100% sure but way to coincidental that auction ended August 2013 and he joined last fall owning very similar 205 .
At the end of the day don't really care and only reason i brought up is i remember Ebay sale from last year .
( Barely remember what i did 5 minutes ago but i have vivid memory of some random Celica ebay auction which is weird )
More curious where other white 205 went that was in LA or San Diego back in 2010 or 11 i think on Ebay .
sold for $3.8k and asking $18k after blowing the engine?!
guy's on crack...
He must not realize only weirdos buy a Celica and everyone else is in a Honuh or DSM thingymabob.
QUOTE (Box @ Jan 6, 2015 - 3:52 PM) *
He must not realize only weirdos buy a Celica and everyone else is in a Honuh or DSM thingymabob.

Yea, it is jackstand racing season right now.
QUOTE (Bitter @ Jan 6, 2015 - 10:23 PM) *
QUOTE (Box @ Jan 6, 2015 - 3:52 PM) *
He must not realize only weirdos buy a Celica and everyone else is in a Honuh or DSM thingymabob.

Yea, it is jackstand racing season right now.

This is actually a pretty witty statement. I think I shall use it in future conversations good sir!
It's always bench racing season though. tongue.gif
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