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Full Version: Question Regarding 1994 Celica's
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Hey everbody! This is my first post here, and i'm sorry if this has already been posted or just common sense regarding the 1994 Celica.

So I own a 1994 Celica GT. My question is, what is the difference between the 1994 GT ( Liftback ) and the 1994 GTS? I was looking into it, and I couldn't really find any information on it? I also read that there really wasn't a GTS? If anybody could help with explaining to me it would be greatly appreciated!

Also, sorry again if this is common knowledge and if there is another thread like this. Really happy to finally be apart of this forum!

The GT-S is the Canadian equivalent to the USDM GT, no difference. I believe in Canada we only had the ST and the GT-S as opposed to the GT
The GT-S was a sports suspension package for the GT, it was offered in the states as well but it wasn't differentiated from a regular GT. It's nothing I'd worry about either way, as what's available in aftermarket surpasses the sports package tenfold.
Didn't know they had the GT-S in the US. Since he's from Canada though his is probably just a Canadian rebadged GT
For the 6th gen they weren't labeled as such, but they were for the 5th gen. The 4th gen GT-S meant the 3S-GE engine, and the 3rd gen GT-S meant sport seats and IRS from the Supra.
The U.S. GT was available with or without sport suspension. The GT with sport suspension is the equivalent of the Canadian GT-S.
They couldn't be bothered with the hyphen and "S" for the U.S. market anymore. tongue.gif
The GT was offered in Canada but are quite rare to find.

They are different from the GT-S in a few ways:

- no sport suspension
- optional airbags (GT-S and U.S GT comes with airbags as standard)
- optional A/C (GT-S and U.S. GT comes with A/C as standard IIRC)

There might be a few more but I don't have a canadian brochure to verify.
This is just what I've found from my personal experience (My sister had a canadian GT).
Thanks everyone for responding! Turns out I have GTS. Thanks again everyone!
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