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Full Version: its been a good run
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Well fellow 6gc memebers its been a good run but sadly my Celica is dead, pictures speak a 1000 words so have a look

I got rear ended waiting to make a left hand turn, there are some injuries but nothing life threatening. I don't know what I'll do with her now, the engine and front end are pretty much intact but sadly she's not fixable at this point, I might look into a new celica but that'll have to wait for now, but depending on what happens she's always been a good car and never once let me down, its a sad parting but one i'll have to live with, thanks for all the support along the way guys, hopefully I'll still be on here
I hate these threads. Sad to see it like that. Glad you're ok though. RIP celi
thumbsdown.gif Other drivers suck. At least you are mostly alright.
Jesus Christ, they'd had to have hit you at full speed... Glad you're ok though, just make sure to take everything you can out of their insurance.
Oh no frown.gif, that looks so scary. My dad tells me he still has nightmares of his experience getting hit.

I hope your ok, and I hope you can get your car situation resolved soon.
Thanks guys and yeah it was pretty scary, there were no tire screeching noises before i was hit and the women who hit me said she doen't remember anything so I'm just assuming she wasn't paying attention and plowed into me at full speed which was 40-45 mph. But yeah I'm ok just a nasty looking bump on my forehead and bruises on my arm. Hopefully the insurance comes through sooner rather than later.
They have to reimburse you for your towing fees if they didn't cover it on the spot, also any medical fees. They're required to pay for a rental, but if you don't have full coverage insurance you have to pay the difference. Which is bull, but that's how it is. It varies from state to state, but they're usually required to settle within 30-45 days of the accident. Just some things for you to look up when you have the time. Also start finding equivalent examples for sale on eBay, AutoTrader, etc... along with getting the NADA retail value. They have to pay for what it'd cost to buy from a retail source, private party values don't cut it.
Hate to see these threads when we put so much effort into our vehicles. At least your doing alright besides some bumps and bruises, wish we could say the same for your celi too.

Sad to see a Celica in that state but I'm glad you're (relatively) alright considering; hope the insurance company does right by you and gets you squared away soon.

Good luck.
a good body shop can buff that out. glad that you are ok.
Relieved to hear that it only left a bump and a bruise!
A bit of an update, so the insurance pretty much took care of my car's cost for me, giving me a bit over what KBB value was so i was happy with that, the down side was they had to take the car which if any of you know how they handle total loss car's is they basically scrap them for parts to recover some of there money, It makes me cringe to think about my celica being taken apart at some junk yard but thats just the way it goes. If i had wanted to buy it back for the parts they would have taken a pretty large amount from the settlement funds. Plus to top it off i don't have the time right now between school and work to take apart my car and salvage whatever i could have. Well needless to say I've already got a new car, sadly its not a 6gc but I think i'll grow to like it

She's not in the best of conditions I won't lie, I still got a lot of work before she's up to the same level as my old Celica but she'll get there.
That's a great, great engine though. I've driven the heavier Matrix XRS and even in that, it pulled like a bucket of bees.
Very sorry for your loss but Glad you are OK.

I ride a sportbike and in the last 17 years came close to dying a few times by these ideots in the cars who look through you and not see you. One time this women came on the highway and almost squezed me between her car and the sami on my left. She did not see me at all.

QUOTE (SwissFerdi @ Mar 27, 2015 - 11:09 AM) *
it pulled like a bucket of bees.

Sounded like one too. tongue.gif
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