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Full Version: Importing a ST-205
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So a coworker of mines dad lives in africa and he imports/exports cars, he said it would cost about 1500 to get the car to the USA.
Thoughts on this? How difficult is it do import cars?
And how expensive will this be.
google search is your friend....
Well, it really wouldn't do you much good at the moment as over here an imported car has to be at least 25 years old to be registered and titled. There are some workarounds if you could get it titled as a kit car, or maybe found a Canadian titled one so you could treat it as a grey import. The easiest thing legalwise would be to start with a USDM GT and convert it.
25 year rule in the US. But apparently there are workarounds since I've seen a few legal ST205's in the US.

Or just move to Canada and don't worry about any of that tongue.gif
Just move to Japan. /thread
Let me know how yours go. I'll import one too, cost less than finishing my swap =P
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