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Hello, some of you may know me some may not. I've been active on this site regularly after I discovered it. This site is by far the best reference guide for our celica's and everyone tries to help you out with any issue you may have! So far the experience has been great. Well time to properly introduce my self. My name is John Matthew Krenisky but I go by Mat. I'll tell you how I ended up with my celica and why I choose this car than you'll see the sexy beast and ill update it from there lol. Anyways I have had at least 25 cars in the last 5 years. I am currently 24, my first car was a WV Fox 91 5 speed I paid 400$ and ran the hell out of it... I mean why not, I put 16k miles on it and sold it for 500$ and never even changed the oil lol. 2nd car was a 91 celica gt that was near mint. I loved it but someone offered me 500$ more than what I paid so I said hear ya go take it... Than it just got out of hand... from there it went to intergra gsrs, honda del sols, swapped civics, preludes, miata you name it... I lost tons on my del sol... but I paid 700$ for a chevy cav and sold it for 1600 I think. Well I got sick and tired of going thru cars left and right and I wasn't easy on any of them. I ran them all to hell and back. Ran the miata so hard the under the hood started smoking so bad it wasn't even funny. Smoke was rolling out.. I gave it all she had and it was 20 years old.. So after owning 4 cars at once I went down to 1 and sometimes down to zero if someone offered me the right price i'd sell my only car lol. I'd just have my gf or whoever give me a ride back and forth to work or to where ever to get another car. Well I wanted one nice car to settle with and I always loved toyota. I loved my mr2 it was also mint shape its just the transmission went to hell so i sold it/traded for a 2002 jeep lol. So finding a good 20 year old car is almost impossible now a days. I love cars from the 90's.. its when I was born plus they actually had quality control and the cars are made so much better and look way better. So after searching craigslist well my gf at the time she found one super nice celica in Tennessee but the trip there and back was over 1000 miles... Well this guy talked her into taking me. It wasn't easy haha I did pay for everything and even a zoo trip in virgina. Anyways 5 states later we got my celica! 100% rust free under n over it. Only issue I had was it had 162k miles and a weak clutch and he wouldn't go below 3200$... But whenever you want something nice you got to pay the price! So I got it... since I have had it I have done quiet a few things to do! You'll see all that here in a min but on the flip side I have never thought about getting rid of it... Even had an offer of a 2003 jetta and 800$ for my celica I told him to keep on walking.

Now its hard to put a name to someone without a face so here comes a selfie. I mean I thought it was a good idea haha. No judging I am a sexy beast just like my car.. haha j/k

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And the girlfriend

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and someone I traded cars with forever ago haha just showing you I have went everywhere...

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Alright I think I have kept you guys waiting long enough here is my Celica. Now the headlight is ugly I know this Im currently buying another one. I paid for one already but guy hasn't shipped it nor have I got it yet and its been over a month... So I am currently buying another one lol

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Now here is my rear of my car. Notice the tail lights are all red. I got them from a member on this site for 98$ I think it was a steal. I don't know how tons of people like the JDM taillights... I think they are so ugly... The solid red ones are muchhhhh better haha. People ask me about them even.

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My celica's interior I love it. I did order a Celica gt4 wheel from a member on the site. I am still waiting to get it in the mail. The current steering wheel is totally killing my car lol


Whats a good car without a kick butt system! I have roughly 1500$ worth of audio equipment in my celica. Pioneer double din, 2 amps one for subwoofer, and one for my door speakers. I have NVX componets 6.5 in front and 6.5 in rear... heads up go for 5 1/4th for rears... I had to alter my rear and cut plastic ect for my 6.5s... I have NVX 12 inch sub in a sealed box. I do have a 1.75 CF ported box tuned to 32hz but it rattles my entire car to the point where I went with a cheap sealed box for now haha. I have an alpine 500 rms monoblock amp to power the sub. Nvx is an amazing product! I've had more systems than I can count and this new nvx stuff is amazing. company just came out a few years ago. Its almost as good as sundown. I have NVX 4 Gauge amp wiring kit its also amazing. Only one thing can produce better than copper and that is silver... NVX silver tins every single copper wire for best results... 100% amazing stuff. Running SX battery 1200D I think it was 250$... Stock battery couldn't handle all the power for my car. Its not a ghetto thump bass I mean I can make it if I want too.

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I did buy a rear strut bar from ebay for only 98$ shipped to my house! Came from Canada!

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Quick glance under the hood...

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OBX header I think I paid roughly 230$ shipped. I know thats rather high but its hard to find 5sfe parts... Best Price I could find new that wasn't total junk header.

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Injen Short Ram Intake and my sexy battery and upgraded ground wires.

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24.7k window sticker price for my celica.

I also put new rims as seen in pictures.. Konig Lighting 16x7 with falkin 612+ tires, brand new trd springs with kyb struts. Didn't notice a drop at all but handles better than stock. Next round I am going with koni struts... Kyb are alright but koni yellows is a better choice. I added the carbon fiber shift knob it was 50$, I did add a ralco rz short shifter (its amazing) and also did new shifter bushings. I am sure I am forgetting stuff but I can always update this lol.
If you guys can't see pics that well let me know and I'll edit it and resize them. I didn't want them super huge.
Here I thought I was bad with having seven cars in seven years, at least they left in better shape than I got them. tongue.gif
Haha, well I'm hard on cars. Well at least was.
Might look into coilovers, Megan has the EZ-Street series that's like $600 or so off eBay. Just depends on how far you want to drop. Personally I was content with the drop on the Tein springs on mine. Not really much else to do but cosmetics and perhaps an engine swap.
Mhm Megan isn't well known for there products. koni yellow and tien/TRD springs is a far superior choice. Granite you can't adjust your ride height but the car would handle much better.. Or at least I'd think so. I used Megan products on a Honda once... I'd never use them again. Short shifter was the sloppest thing I've ever felt in my life. The header also cracked shortly after buying it.
Megan is decent enough from what others on here have experienced. Personally I'd go with the Tein coilovers, but then you're spending half as much as the car is worth on suspension. I bought the Megan 7GC shifter for mine and it was good, considerably better than stock.
7 cars on 7 years
that's nothing.
try like 60+ in 10years

A lot of guys here run megans with a lot of luck.
for the price they are good
Everyone gives me Hell for it too. I should be like, "Hey, if you think I'm bad wait until I tell you about this other guy..." tongue.gif
Well honestly I put a bunch into my car and I wouldn't change it. End of the day its probably worth 3k and I wouldn't sell it for 7500. Its more of a passion vs money for me. I love my 6gc and I wouldn't want to replace it nor sell it. I have 728 in rims and tires, new sway nar end links 50$, new struts, TRD springs, mounts total roughly 675-700ish, new rotors 14$ lol, injen short ram intake was 190$, obx header was 190 I think, ralco z short shift was 80$, vls carbon fiber shift knob was 50$, OEM rear strut brace 100ish, red taillights 98$. End of the day if I didn't spend it on my celica who knows what I would've gotten lol. Another skateboard or another amp who knows. At least it went to something I love smile.gif and not a damn Honda again lol
It's good you finally found a car you like enough to keep. I've damned myself by never being happy, so I'll continue as it were. tongue.gif
Well best handling car hands down was 91 Miata. Most fun car to drive was 91 mr2, fastest was a 93 boosted b20b Del Sol with a p8r head, slowest was a 1999 d16y5 d series civic. One that puts a smile on my face daily is my celica.

Now I would trade for a brz haha. But that's about it... I'd buy a brz but until they fix all the bugs on them I wouldn't buy one. So many complaints and glitches and problems with them now... Just like Mazda rx-8 I love em but wouldn't want one because they are junk frown.gif
My Celica handled better than the Miata I had, but in fairness the Celica was modified and the Miata was stock. The Celica is the slowest car I've owned, the fastest I've owned is the '79 Firebird I currently own. Sadly it's backed by an automatic, so I don't have fun in it, so I'm contemplating trading/selling it for a 4th gen Firebird.

Give the BRZ a few more years to depreciate some more and it'd be worth buying, plus the aftermarket should be pretty good by then as well.
QUOTE (Box @ Apr 14, 2015 - 10:22 PM) *
My Celica handled better than the Miata I had, but in fairness the Celica was modified and the Miata was stock. The Celica is the slowest car I've owned, the fastest I've owned is the '79 Firebird I currently own. Sadly it's backed by an automatic, so I don't have fun in it, so I'm contemplating trading/selling it for a 4th gen Firebird.

Give the BRZ a few more years to depreciate some more and it'd be worth buying, plus the aftermarket should be pretty good by then as well.

True. The brz is better than scion FRS well according to top gear anyway. What year was your Miata? The na handles the best followed by NB. I had torson LSD in the tear end. It was a fun car but I felt rather fairyish in it... It was smurf blue lol. But I made it look good. Had black hard top with black rims.with a big ol eBay exhaust haha. Damn thing was loud. I'll see if I can find a picture

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^I'd drive the wheels off that all day long.
It was a white '90, all stock. Took me forever to find one like it too. I really wasn't all impressed with it, the chassis flex was terrible.
That's odd.. Mine was perfect well besides the weight... It was way to light for some of the roads back here. I got it off the ground at 75 not meaning too. We have some super curvy roads here in south eastern Ohio. I love it down here. I paid 1500$ for that Miata. Had 104k miles on it.. Paid 650 for a red hard top I had it painted for 100$ than the rims where konig lighting 14x6 same rims I have on my celica besides different color and side. They weighed like 11 pounds each. Paid 620ish for them rims and Yokohama drive s tires new and good old eBay exhaust was 150ish. I ended up trading it for an acura integra gsr in Columbus Ohio.
I had thought about getting the NA8 or a NB to give them another chance, since they had chassis improvements from the factory over the NA6.
Go test drive one at the Mazda dealership... They are amazing little cars. The nb is nice as well. Can be found low miles for 2-4k.
Update: changed all 4 rotors out. Used rays for rear paid under 14$ for the pair and I tried out r1 concepts slotted for the fronts. Also installed akebono ceramic pads on front and rears. Paid roughly 80 for pads and front rotors I think where 80$ I plan to order r1 rear rotors once I put 1k miles on the front to they stand. Best part about r1 rotors are the slots are also wear signs. Once you can no longer see the slots its time to change rotors. I'll upload some pictures tomorrow!
Going is nice, stopping is even better. tongue.gif
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