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Full Version: Hi there from Birmingham UK
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Hi there friends!

My name is Mark, I live in Birmingham in the UK. Not too long ago, I advertised my car on ebay and a real friendly guy who I started chatting with pointed me in the direction of some Celica websites because I was secretly hoping, behind my wife's intentions, that the car would not sell & that I could keep it. In the short time between taking it in part exchange and advertising it for sale, I fell in love with here I am.

It is a silver 1999 Celica Convertible.

I intend to keep the car long term now (as in forever) and almost every time I look at it, I am again amazed at the way this car has managed to stay so completely under the radar of car enthusiasts, when everything about it is just about as good and as functional as can be got from a 15 / 16 year old car - I love it.

I do have a couple of questions that I am hoping to get some help or advice on in time to come, but for now I just want to say Hi to everyone here and to thank you for allowing me to come along and join you all.
Kind regards,
Welcome to the forum! There's a ton of great information and a ton of great people here. A couple of things to keep in mind as a new member, your first few posts will be kept invisible until approved by a moderator, so don't worry about your posts not showing immediately. At the top of each forum section (engine/trans/maintenance, exterior styling, etc.) there is a Sticky thread that contains links to a ton of different threads. Virtually everything you want to know about these cars is hiding in the Sticky threads. You can post pictures here by uploading them to an image hosting site such as Photobucket and copy/pasting the [ img ] tags here. With those few things, you'll find that this is actually a great forum. smile.gif

What questions did you have?
Thank you for the welcome and good advice richee3 friend.

I cant believe it!?... within 4 or 5 clicks of being directed to your site by a user on, I found the post by MaskedMan and his detailed description on a possible fix for an issue with the power roof on my celica. I'm just getting some tools together now to head over to where it is to see if I can carry out the fix.

Great site...absolutely jam packed with tons and tons of reading, hopefully as time goes on I will be able to add something of use to other users too.

Thanks again for the welcome,
Welcome! We demand pics, just so you know. tongue.gif

Feel free to go ahead and ask any questions you may have, they give me something to do. tongue.gif
x2 on pics we just love them wink.gif , also I think you are correct in the design of the 6th Gen Celica. I think that during the 90's Toyota was so far ahead in car design that even my 90 Alltrac/GT-Four doesn't look out of place parked next to a modern car. Those were the glory days indeed, now Toyota is more concerned about fuel economy frown.gif thumbsdown.gif
Well, they've always been concerned with fuel economy and people movers. It's just now they've decided it's not worth making small production cars, though with the FR-S/GT-86 and the supposed upcoming Supra things may be changing again.
Thank you for the welcome all...what a find this forum is!!

I am not sure that my posts are getting through just yet because I answered richee3's post earlier and as yet it has not appeared. I also thanked MaskedMan for his post on a slight issue I have with my power hood and that has not appeared either. But, in the forum rules it does say that the first few posts are slow to appear owing to moderation so I'm sure they will turn up soon.

I'm just off out to a friends to get a tool that I am assured will remove the pin from the central spindle on my power roof motor and I have to rush because they will be looking forward to bed by now I am sure...but when I get back I will post the pics and even in her dirty state (just for now) I will be happy to because I just cant get over how much more I love this car every time I look at her.

Again, thank you for the welcome,
haha. great intro and story.
It's great that you didn't sell it and decided to keep it.
We all know a few members on here that have sold there celicas and have regretted it for a long long time.
this forum is loaded with information. I remember reading for a good few months just taking all the info in.
let us know any other questions you have and as everyone else said. PICTURES!!!! hahahah
Cooooool, Ill get the pictures up in the next 10 minutes or so... I am sure I have an old photobucket account that I will find the login details for.

Incidentally, I just drove 65 miles to get the pin extraction tool I was so looking forward to, and what was it...a ball joint extractor! I have to laugh or I will end up calling my friend some names ha ha.

I have taken this beautiful car out a couple of times now but not with the roof down so I am dying to get this job done and out of the way so that I can drop the roof and give her a well needed clean and a long run out...

Pics are coming in the next 15 minutes to half hour, please excuse the mess around the car, my kids really do think they can dump whatever they like in the way of spent cars and dad will clean up the mess ha
I'm not sure how well this is going to work - and if you knew me youd get a hard hat on and expect a train wreck - but I just found a years old photobucket account and have managed to upload some pics of my Celica, please excuse any errors or general messiness and I will clean everything up when I have gained a little more knowledge on both photobucket and the forum here...

Sorry... try as I might, it is becoming clear that I am as good a photobucketer as I am a car mechanic, I just tried these links in another browser and they showed some images of my car outside but I will have to now find a tutorial on how to actually make the images appear on the page... do my best, but I hope you like my car...I've had them all, from the very best to the absolute pits - and Ive never owned a car as pretty as this!!

How right you are my friend, a few months ago I aquired this by part exchange. I didnt want it, had no interest in it at all in fact. So, I just "chucked" it on ebay and was going to give it away. But, a strange thing happened, every morning when I went out to get into my car or van, I kept noticing it and the more I noticed it the more, and more, and more, and more I kind of liked it.

In the meantime, my fellow ebayers start messaging me, and I'm thinking to myself, wow...this is a popular car. So I was going to wait for the right message to come through and if someone who really wanted it as their car and was going to convince me they would keep it long term, I was just going to tell them to come and collect the keys no charge - thats how much I have grown to like it.
But, as the mornings went on, I just couldnt get over just how stunning a car this really looks, and after 1010 views 142 watchers and 22 offers I decided to say no! I've worked all my life to give to those that have come behind me and this is the very first material thing that I have ever actually liked and wanted - I am keeping it for myself!! My car history would make a petrol head's eyes water with envy but the only car I actually want to start driving now is this years old Celica, I absolutely swoon at her looks.
QUOTE (presure2 @ Jul 23, 2011 - 7:40 AM) *
take your time, plan your work, then work your plan, and you can and will have a celica that rivals even the best examples on this site.

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