Hey guys/gals,
I'm sure by now most of you know me after almost 9years on the site now. My name is Edward but go by lil-joe101 here on 6gc. As most of you know I was one of few to every build a 6th gen overseas and have successfully shipped and registered here in the states. Well now I'm on to a new project. A project I feel that many of you would be interested in hope you would be eager to be a part of some way some how. It's called Kustomaddiks Car Club. A club that I help create and now in full ownership of:

We are KustomAddiks, a car club that is established this year by a few local members of Corpus Christi Tx.
We are enthusiasts who love to build all types of cars. From American Muscle to Imports. Our goal is to establish a tight knit community of enthusiasts that share the same passion and pride for their rides as we do. Our number one priority above all else is family and community. When you join KustomAddiks you're not just a number, you're a family member. We hold local barbeques and meets for not only the team but for anyone who happens to show up. We also support our local car scene by attending meets and events put on by the community and private holders. 

For more news and updates sure to check us on Facebook kustomaddikscarclub and follow us on Instagram @kustomaddikscarclub

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at kustomaddiks@yahoo.com or send me a pm here on 6gc and I'll be happy help.

Edward Freeman

I really hope many of you would be interested in joining and helping to support us in our growth within the automotive community.