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Full Version: how many miles do you drive your celi a day ??
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It's funny how easily miles get stacked up on a daily basis I drive from Houston to the woodlands every day about 110 miles away day what about you ?
About 4 miles roundtrip. kindasad.gif

I used to drive 30-40, sometimes 50 miles a day, easily.

Now it's more like 2. And that's averaged throughout the week because I don't drive her every day - I haven't driven my Celica since Saturday, actually.

However, i probably get 3x the mileage from my bicycle than my Celica laugh.gif
i drive any where from 30 to 40 miles a day round trip. occasionally a trip to los angles or to san diego.
Round trip to work is about 32 miles, but I don't drive it every day.
Maybe like 4 on days I do drive it. It only gets out on nice days now.
I don't keep track of the daily miles

Since it hit 300K last year around May, I already put 24K
40-50 a day, 6 days a week.
Used to drive mine approx 130km/day lol.
I drive roughly 50 miles a day at least
I only drive mine on the weekends, if that. I mostly drive my work truck.

I used to drive it a lot more when my granddad was still around. 6 hours round trip every other weekend.
around 50 miles a day (home-work) then about an additional 3-4 to get groceries.
Don't know how many miles per day but I average 270-300 miles every 7 days.
I've been up to a tank and a half every week, at about 325 miles a tank or so.
However I am making plans to get an apartment 3 miles from school in the fall. If I do a tank of gas could potentially last me 9 weeks.
Probably 30ish a day, 6 days a week. Only getting about 18-20 mpg from it, which sucks a little haha.
40 miles per day. Monday thru Friday. And sometimes trips out of town on the weekends.

....And loving every mile.
so far this year, I'm at 12k miles. roughly translate to 2k a month, about 500 a week, about 71.42857143 miles a day.

I'm averaging between 29 and 32 mpg. Usually about 31
My GT4 only gets used on certain days mostly in the weekends, might do the max of 150ks a month !
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