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Full Version: Caldina Top Mount Intercooler
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Hey guys. I have 2 questions please with regards to my ST202.

I was going to use a barrell chargecooler and water pump set up etc got my Gen 3 3SGE. Now I've seen Caldina top mount intercooler are quite cheap. Questions are

1. Will the Caldina intercooler work with my throttle body ie location amd plumbing?

2. Surely if it was good for the Caldina, it will be good for mine with a GT4 bonnet and vented front bumper?

Please let me know. Oh, I'm not doing silly horsepower. I just want to avoid front mounted intercooler.

The caldina has a air to air intercooler. The gt4 hood isn't really designed to force air across the top mount intercooler like the caldinas hood, could lead to higher charge temps.
Please see number 2, I will have a vent cut out on the front bumper.
The air should go through the intercooler not over. The caldina uses a scoop to force air down onto the intercooler not across it. A cut in the bumper may help but a scoop is ideal for a air to air system.
vented front bumper wont make a difference. the GT4 hood does not direct air to go across the intercooler. Even with the bumper vented, the airflow will not go up through the engine bay to the intercooler.

plus the location of the turbo and your throttle body wont support the Caldina intercooler. you are better off having a WTA custom setup.
I had my Caldina intercooler sitting over my engine today & the outlet of the TMIC is in the wrong location to the throttle body location on the any 3S or 5s engine unless you use a Caldina intake manifold. Also I doubt the gt4 hood would clear the IC, let alone a stock Celica hood, unless you cut some material away from the hood.

WTAC is the way to go in my opinion.

If you piece together your own system the real cost of a WTAC & FMIC setup is about the same last I did it. Because all the cost of silicone couplers, pipe bends & clamps adds up fast not to mention time & material waste. My friends water to air cooler only took a coupe hours for us to put together, mostly mounting the pump & heat exchanger. He used a half width Honda radiator for the heat exchanger that he got real cheap iirc. My FMIC took most of a weekend for us to cut, fit, re cut & refit all the pipes, figure out how to route things, & keep the pipe from banging around or blowing off.
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