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Full Version: Haunting Creaking sound up front help
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I already found out where the noise is coming from I just don't know what it is . It's coming from the right passenger side. Everytime I brake I hear it creaking when slowing down from 5mph to a complete stop already changed brakes rotors and caliper please help. Could it be bearings? Though I don't hear it if stop with the handbrake
Does it happen when you turn your wheels too? or go up/down a bump slowly with wheels turned, like a driveway bump or something of the sort?
I'm having the same issue, but not quite sure what the culprit is.
Hand brake just locks up rear wheels. So you definitely know its a brake related issue. Did you grease the slide pins with the new calipers? Also how many miles have you put on the new rotor/pads? There is a brake in period depends upon the brand you order. Each one has different instructions. Some are go 35mph and brake hard 3 times others are drive normal for the first 500 miles no hard braking ect.
It only happens when I'm braking to a complete stop. I have sprayed wd 40 every where and the noise went away but came back after a day. Brakes and rotors have around 1000 miles already thanks guys for answering
Haunting creaking sound... IT'S HAUNTED!!! But yeah did you grease the pins, and I'd double check the passenger side anyway. Also as mentioned what was the break in procedure? Maybe you didn't get the pad seated properly or you got a bad rotor, so just give everything a look. That's provided the noise occurred after doing the brakes anyway. If it happened before that opens up a few more possibilities like a ball joint or maybe a strut mount. A wheel bearing would be during acceleration as well and would be a grumbling sound. Could just be a matter of needing a few hard stops, but I'd double check the passenger brake assembly first.
Thanks for the answers lol If the creek doesn't go away I'll spray it with holly water #noMoreHaunting
Also did you make sure all retainer clips where installed?
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